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So there is this new hotel in Las Vegas that my hubby has been telling me he wants to visit. It is a 21 and over only and allows for relaxation and adult fun. The Circa Resort & Casino is located in downtown Las Vegas, next to Binion Hotel & Casino and the Mob Museum. I wasn't sure it would be a great place to stay because it wasn't off the "newer" strip, but we went anyway. Sunday, April 11th we packed a bag and headed to Vegas. Unsure of what our adventure would be like, we were open-minded to trying it out and we were unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised.

First, the hotel offers valet parking that you can add to your room, just like many of the upscale hotels, except you have to be over 21. They check your ID upon entering, unless you have a room key to show. They make sure if you're entering this hotel you are 21. I loved this because you make no mistake of who is allowed to enter. For those who want to enjoy a night out with adults this is the place for you.

Our room was amazing. The burst of dark blue and gold was all over the room. I felt fancy. The room had a nice bar, large living room, huge bed, and amazingly glamours bathroom. The only downfall was it had no bathtub, but the shower was large with a bench so it made up for the tub. The view of our room was a mountain view that also included the pool area.

The pool area, Stadium Swim. Oh goodness! This area had about 6 large pools, two jacuzzi's and a humongous television. With no kids allowed, adults were able to drink, eat and swim in absolute class. They have a live DJ that spins the entire time. They have two full bars with one offering food service. The food wasn't great, but the drinks were large and worth the cost. We relaxed in the pool most of Monday, surprisingly there were a lot of people there. When one of the DJ's played DMX everyone started going crazy. When I heard the cussing I realized, yep, this is an adult day party.

The casino was a typical casino. Not too much to rant or rave about. They have two floors of games and an area for the big rollers, as most casinos do. The slots were new and they had a few I'd never seen before like, Crazy Rich Asians or Little Shop Of Horrors. I took a chance on a few and came out okay.

They didn't have a lot of food choices, but the few they had we tried to explore. Saginaw's was a deli style place, Barry's Downtown Prime was booked and we needed reservations, I wasn't in the mood for Victory Burger, so we walked to Project BBQ, which was pretty good. They had a coffee spot called Jack Pots Coffee and it was the first time I'd ever been to a coffee shop and loved their white chocolate mocha drink. I didn't even like Starbucks drink until I had to tweak it a few times and sometimes it still comes out bitter. This place hit the nail right on the head the first time.

Overall, I loved the stay. It was comfortable, fun, relaxing and adult. Obviously, because it is new everything is clean and classy. We stayed just a few days, however, we would stay here again. If you haven't had the chance to experience it, try it out. The staff were polite and respectable. Circa Resort & Casino gets a 5 star review from us and bragging rights for being pleasant and appealing. Check out this place. If you've been here tell us about your stay. Stay safe, stay focused and stay traveling. Happy Travels.

More Photos of the trip:

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