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Fresh off the plane from Atlanta, Georgia I decided to enlighten you about a short trip my daughter and I took over the weekend. She is moving to Atlanta to pursue her acting career and job transfer. Before she takes this spectacular leap we wanted to go check out the city together and view her new apartment. In doing so we found ourselves at the Georgia Aquarium nestled next door to the World of Coca Cola Museum.

We purchased tickets online as they were cheaper than at the gate by $10 a person. They have an official parking garage next door to the aquarium that will validate your ticket after. Be careful not to park in other nearby garages as there is a $20 fee and no validation, like we did.

Upon entering the aquarium you immediately enter into a world of sea. With two levels of fun there is a lot to see. Take a journey to the Cold Water Quests and view the African Penguin, the large Beluga Whale, Bat star fish and more. Then walk through the Aquanaut Adventure to see sharks, sting rays, and the chocolate chip sea star. In the Tropical Diver section you see over 90 beautifully colored fish and sea creatures, such as the big bellied sea horse.

Play with otters at the SunTrust Pier 225 or walk through the Ocean Voyager built by Home Depot that has a 100 foot tunnel with over 50 species and 6.3 million gallons of water. Here I watched up close as the sandbar shark swam through the tank as if it were looking for prey.

Each exhibit created a home for these water creatures that allows us to visualize their natural habitat without disturbing them. If you're into learning something new about water animals take a trip to Georgia's Aquarium and experience the breathtaking views and exhilarating life found under water.

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