Fear Not! You're Worth It!

We fear the unknown, rejection, failure, change and well you name it. When we can't control something we fear it. How can we truly grow, succeed and change if we don't take chances. It's time to fear not because simply put, you are worth the chance. If you've been afraid to grow your business, ask a person on a date, travel to the unknown or just explore new opportunities - ask yourself why?

Are you afraid to be turned down, disappointed or fail? Most of the time once we conquer our fears we realize that it wasn't as bad as we imagined. I'm not talking about not paying attention to your 6th sense that tells you not to walk down that dark alley at 1am. I am talking about taking chances on things you never thought possible. When I was working for a roofing company in Phoenix, I loved the people, had my own office, had plenty of freedom, but I wasn't happy. I needed to do more writing, exploring, traveling, and building my business, however; I was afraid that leaving a steady income would create a world wind of issues. How would I pay my bills, who did I think I was to run my own company, what would people say about me leaving a great job? All those things crossed my mind, but my husband convinced me that I was worth the try. It wasn't like I couldn't get another job if I needed to. I took the chance and I've never been more happy in my life. The fear of failing, income and stability have long been replaced with more income than I made at any job, I have more freedom, travel a lot more, can work from anywhere and feel stress free.

If you have fear that things aren't going to work out ask yourself these questions and answer them to see if your fear is a genuine uncontrollable issue or something you've plagued yourself with for no reason.

1) Is this something you've been wanting to try for longer than 6 months?

- If you've been considering this for longer than 6 months something inside you is yearning to do it. Even if you start small and take baby steps, this is something you must try. For example, if you want to leave your current position to start your own business. Open the business while still working and see how you feel. When you get to the point you can't do both then choose which one you are happy doing. If you want to take a trip, but just never had the time or money, make the time and save the money. In due time you will be in that place of peace and so happy you finally took that leap. This applies to anything in your life.

2) Are you stressing more about NOT doing it then taking the chance to do it?

- When you are stressing out about NOT doing something more than actually doing it, it is time to reflect and change something. If you think about buying that new car, but think of all the changes to insurance, car payments, etc. Think about the need. If your car isn't working and you finally saved up enough to get your dream car, what are you waiting for. You only live once and treating yourself doesn't hurt. Re-arrange your finances to fit your new payments. Cut back on eating out, do movie dates at home, etc. The thought of stressing yourself out more is crazy.

3) Do you loose sleep at night over it?

- A good nights sleep is mandatory to have a decent work week. If you are loosing sleep because all you can think about is this thing, it's time to put it into action. It could be anything, going back to school, starting a business, leaving a job, talking to a loved one about an issue, etc. The results could be better than you expected. Stop loosing sleep and just try it.

4) Are you more worried about others opinions than the actual act itself?

- It's time you stop thinking about others and consider yourself. No one is going to tell you how to live your life better than yourself. The fear of the unknown keeps us stagnant and content where we are. There is so much more in the world to explore. Rich people aren't happy because they are rich. Many are happy because they are doing something they love. You don't have to make a million dollars a year to be happy. Getting up everyday and seeing that person you love, doing what you enjoy, exploring the unknown, can make you happy. Not everyone is adventurous, but everyone has something they love.

5) Is it a money issue?

- Many times people can't or won't do things because of money. That is understandable. Not everyone has extra cash to do a side business, travel, explore, etc. Think of it like this. If you don't have the money now to do what you want, what is the difference in trying something new? If you can't travel because you never have extra cash, cutting out coffee every morning might save you an extra $100 a month. If you do that for a year you can take that trip. You have to find ways to create your happiness.

6) Can you picture yourself doing it?

- Have you sat at your desk or laid in the bed and thought "if I could just be doing this........I would be so happy" or "I can see myself doing .........." HELLO....then why aren't you creating that life for yourself? When you take the time to day dream about the "what if's" then you are already putting your mindset into that position. Again, nothing happens overnight but baby steps to put yourself in that place allow for change.

7) If you die tomorrow would this be the biggest regret?

- I ask people this because it is the deal breaker of all deals! If you know that if you died tomorrow you would be in disgust with yourself for not trying your biggest fear or dream then you need to get moving. Tomorrow isn't promised and things change everyday. DO IT. At this point it doesn't matter what is going on. This is your destiny and you deserve to try it.

Nothing is guaranteed. You could try your biggest fear and fail, but guess what, at least you will know what to do differently next time. The crazy thing is you could do your biggest fear and succeed. You will never know unless you take the chance. You have to believe that you can conquer anything. You have to tell yourself that you're worth it. I listen to motivational speaker Les Brown and he uses this term that always catches me. Are you hungry. (Do you want it more than anything). In one of his speeches he said "Before you run, check to see if the bulldog has teeth". He was telling the story about being afraid of this bulldog and how he would run from it everyday after school. Then one day he realized the bull dog didn't even have teeth. He was running for months for no reason. It is the same thing with your fear. You could be running from something that had no teeth and you could've conquered years ago. Fear not because you're worth the chance. Grow, live, and change the world. Keep growing and inspiring.

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