Fertilize Your Mind With Positivity

No matter what you have going on around you, what you feed your mind is what you think about which in return is what plays out in your life. If you fertilize your mind with positive thoughts, visions and success you will manifest those things. What is within you, is what you become. If you dwell on negativity you will feed on negative thoughts. If you dwell on positive things you will feed on positive thoughts.

Have you ever had a friend who always talked about positive things and you constantly see them as lucky because they always get what they want. A promotion, job, house, car, friends. These people are not lucky. They focus on the positive things and shoot for them. Every day they are moving more and more towards their goals until they reach them. You can do the same thing. Try these 4 simple steps:

1) Focus on positive things. This means instead of saying what you aren't going to do focus on what you are going to do. Our brain is meant to be focused on what we want. Have you ever made a New Years resolution that said "no more" example, No more chocolate for me. Then a few weeks later your focused on Chocolate until you eat it. That is because you're mind is only focused on chocolate not the "not" "don't" or "can't". Instead of saying I will not each chocolate anymore say I am going to start eating better. This seems stupid, but it actually works. Instead of saying I am no longer hanging out with negative people, say I am going to start hanging out with positive people. Just changing the way you think- changes the way your brain works and you attract the things you want.

2) Feed your subconscious mind. In order to do this you have to practice positive attributes about yourself. For example, stop saying you're fat. Start saying you're going to loose some weight and set a goal. When you think better about yourself, then others will too. Your subconscious mind is working all the time and believe it or not it's telling you things about yourself. If you feed it positive things like, I am worthy, professional, deserving, positive, strong, etc then you will begin to believe it. For example, I started telling myself I was a great event planner, and eventually I started to believe it and so did others. It's all in what you tell yourself and believe.

3) Don't Discriminate - Don't view other people's talents or abilities based on their race, nationality, sex or religion. When you look past a person's appearance you can find a lot out about what they believe and how they feel. When you are able to open that door you learn more about things. For example, being African American I was limited to things that were taught to White Americans. In elementary school I hung out with all races, in actuality our group of friends was Hispanic, Black, White, Mixed, etc. When we would go to each others houses we learned how different our cultures were and as we grew up were able to learn how to integrate with each other. Things my mom would say no to, one of my friends parents would allow. I was able to be in mixed company and be completely comfortable because I didn't and still don't have a stigma about what people believe or who they are based on our differences. When you do that you open a world of possibilities. You also learn more about life and struggles and become a positive force in the world.

4) Respond to the world with Positivity- The world and people around you respond based on how you fuel it/them. When you give out positive you get back positive. Have you ever been walking out a door and someone holds it for you, then you hold it for the next person and so on and so on. This small act of kindness is transferred and people recognize it. Not everyone is grateful and happy, but as you wake up everyday tell yourself it is going to be a great day with endless possibilities. Feed the world what you want in return and focus on positive. You will start to see things changes for you.

Everyday isn't going to be amazing and full of adventure, OR IS IT? You make your mind up to what adventure is. It could be a new account you're trying to close. It could be a trip, house chore, new hair, anything. Everyday should be amazing because you don't know when your last day will be. I've learned that life is what you make it and depending on others for happiness is a waste of time. You have to fuel your own happiness. You have to make choices that better your life. The only way to do that is the believe in yourself and fertilize your mind with positivity. Grow, live, and change the world. Keep growing and inspiring.

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