Fine Dining At Mastro's Ocean Club

When you want to get dressed up and go out to a special dinner there are many places to try in Scottsdale and one of those fancy places is Mastro's Ocean Club. Don't think you can walk in with a baseball cap and jeans. No, this establishment is fine dining at its best. Come dressed with comfort, but upscale and fashionable. The ambiance in the room screams MONEY! Not in a bad way either. You feel an elegant part of yourself come out when you walk in to be seated. People want to know who are those nice people walking in, well who ever they are they have money. The small group of 5 of us settled at our table about 6pm and here is the meat and potatoes of it all:

Price: Total bill $477.30!!! OMG This isn't an everyday restaurant for some, especially myself, but for a birthday dinner it was lovely. Before I break down the bill let me say everyone orders their own main meat portion and then the sides are share portions. So you get things that everyone will like to eat as sides because everyone will be sharing them. Between the 5 of us we shared garlic mashed potatoes, sauteed asparagus, lobster mac n cheese and bread. Myself and my daughter, Alize, shared a 22oz bone in ribeye, two others had twin lobster tails, and the birthday boy had a 24oz porterhouse steak. The three ladies had a Dream Berry Martini, the birthday boy had a Salted Carmel Martini and my fiance had the Pomegranate Tini. Let's just say the side of mac n cheese was $39.00. The happy birthday desert was super GOOD!

Presentation: The food came out looking like we were at a 5 star restaurant and it should because we were.

Quality: The food was amazing. The lobster mac n cheese was rich and creamy and not over flavored. The steak my daughter and I shared was a bit burnt. I have to say I was a bit disappointed in it. For it to be $65 and I wanted well done, I figured they would be able to cook it better. I have been other places where the steak was well done and wasn't burnt. I don't like when they assume your well done is charcoal. The twin lobster tails were very tasty. The drinks were strong and delightful.

Quantity: The proportions were a nice size. There were 5 of us there and we didn't finish all the sides, except the mashed potatoes. The steak and lobster sizes were big. If you go with your lover or a friend you could easily split one of the main meals and add a side or two.

Sauteed Apsaragus

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Lobster Mac N Cheese

Overall the food was amazing, the atmosphere was elegant and classy and the night was filled with laughs and joyous memories. If you want to spice things up in a relationship or just go out to a fancy place and enjoy the ambiance of somewhere new this is the place to experience. I think if you have been here just once you can say you're living it up. Because really you haven't done fine dining unless you've been here. Another fabulous meal to share with you wonderful people. Happy Eating.

More photos of the night........

Terri & Ryan (birthday man)

Ryan (birthday man) & Will (my fiance)

Stacy J

Alize (my oldest daughter)

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