Go Against The Grain - Create Your Own Path

When you talk to people about your plan for life, do they tell you you're crazy? If so, it's because they can't understand how you can see a path built for such a thing when one hasn't already been created. Do you think before Starbucks was created the people who were told thought it would be a worldwide phenomenon? Probably not because it wasn't done, but now millions can see that vision coming to life. It's the same with your dream or desire. Go against the grain and create your own path, even if it's never been done before.

Creating a path all your own is hard for others to see. That is why you have to take chances and do what you feel is right. You will have failures and trials because everyone does, but something will come from it. I've learned that all millionaires don't have a masters degree or PHD. I've also learned that ideas that are fresh and new may not be understandable to many people, until you actually do it.

When you create your own path you overcome obstacles, build courage and strength, you generate a power within you others don't understand. You can't expect anyone to understand your vision or dream. So don't be discouraged when you tell people and they become nay sayers. Stay true to what you want to build and focus on it no matter what.

I created a mobile boutique over night because I couldn't afford a brick and mortar in the middle of Covid. It's not what others believe you can do, but what you believe you can do. I've heard no more than I've heard yes, but I keep going and you can too. Here are 5 steps to remember when going agains the grain and creating your own path.

1) Stay true to what you believe in - If you want to create something that hasn't been done or branch off an idea that has been around for years, it't still your dream and what you believe in. Focus on it and make it happen.

2) Don't let ANYONE tell you something can't be done - At one point everything we have access to was said to be impossible.

3) Surround yourself with like-minded people - I'm sure you heard of the saying birds of a feather, that is true even in business. How can you learn something you don't know if you don't have people around you to help and guide you. You don't have to surround yourself with people wanting the same type of career as you, just people that want more and are willing to work hard to get it.

4) Don't let NO or obstacles get in the way - You will hear no, not possible, sorry and all kinds of negative replies during your journey. Don't let it stop you. Eventually, someone will say YES or you will find a way to make it happen.

5) Go against the grain - many people will tell you to focus on something easier, that has been done already or just keep your day job. The issue is those people don't know the fight you have in you. The power you have to make things happen. Do it even if people don't believe in you.

Your courage and strength are important. Focus on what makes you happy and build your legacy through your work. Never give up and allow yourself to create your own path. Grow, live, and change the world. Keep growing and inspiring.

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