Hash House A Go Go

A place with twisted farm food and a Midwest inspired menu that will get you full. Although Hash House A Go Go is mostly in Nevada, there are other locations in New Jersey, Florida and Utah. The atmosphere is inviting and the food comes in large portions. While in Vegas I visited the one on Sahara for breakfast. I've been to this location many times in the past, but never written about the snickers pancakes or skillet that I ate. This time I went with a group of family members and took note of the main reasons I've been back so many times. Let's take a look at the important stuff:

Price- I ordered the two egg breakfast and it was $9.99 and that is a great price for any style, served with potatoes and your choice of bacon, sausage links, turkey sausage patties, plus fruit garnish and biscuit or toast.

Presentation- This place knows how to present your food. It looks like you have a personal chief making your meal.

Quality- When I first started eating here I feel like the food was better than it is now. Although it is still good, I feel like it was great before. I can't put my finger on why. The atmosphere is great, and the food looks great but taste may have been changed at bit.

Quantity- You get very large portions for your money. You can practically split anything on the menu with another person and both of you will be full.

Overall, this is an amazing place to try. You will enjoy the Midwest style food with comfort and great service. When you go in let them know you learned about their place from this blog.

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