Haters Gone Hate

If you ever get the feeling some people who have always been happy for you when you weren't doing so good, or doing good, but just not better than them have become distant, agitated, or jealous. It may not be they are upset with you, they may just be looking at their own lives and wondering why they aren't growing, however; it could very well be they are envious of how things are starting to change for you. Here are a few tips to dealing with those people.

Tip 1: Stop telling them everything you are accomplishing or doing. It may seem like you're bragging to them and they don't want to bask in your glow. It isn't a negative thing just find someone else to share your joyous accomplishments with.

Tip 2: Put feelers out. If you notice when you tell them something good they don't say much, body language changes or they don't have time to finish the conversation try telling them something negative. If they can talk for hours, seem more interested and seem happier talking to you, then you know they are more interested in the negative vs the positive.

Tip 3: Don't apologize for doing something great. If you find yourself saying "sorry" for growing, moving on or becoming the "you", you want to be then you are with the wrong people. For example, you get a promotion at work and your friend is upset because they haven't gotten their promotion yet. You shouldn't have to say "I'm sorry" I got my promotion. A real friend wouldn't even bring up their promotion to dim your light in that moment.

Tip 4: Stop following them on social media and vice versa. This can be a big change and may require some communication on your part, however, when you post your great moments you don't want them stollen by bad comments, dislikes, or even being copied to insinuate they are doing the same if not better when you when you both know the situation. It distracts you from your great moment.

You don't have to cut ties with these people, but it is best if you change how you deal with them. Sometimes when you grow it allows you to see the true face of friends and family and if they aren't benefiting from it, may cause you to question the relationship. Never stop achieving and becoming great. During your time of growth, meditate and remember where you're going and what your purpose is. Then allow yourself to become that. If you've ever noticed some famous people have stated they had to leave some behind. It isn't because of the wealth, it's because the people couldn't support their hustle and wouldn't let them have their season of spectacular-ness. Real friends will help you grow through your journey and become who you want to be without feeling they are less of who they are.

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