Honeymooning In Park City Utah

When you think of honeymoon I am sure most think of a warm, sunny, beachy climate where you can kick up your heels and bask in the sun after a long planning process. We on the other hand had something cooler in mind. We booked our honeymoon trip to Park City Utah and stayed at Newpark Ski Resort. I hadn't been in the snow for over 5 years and never actually saw it snowing when I did. We wanted to be adventurous and brave. So, the first place we traveled in 2021 was about to be a cold romantic adventure.

The flight is about an hour and a half from Phoenix so it didn't take long to get there. We landed about 2pm. By the time we got to the resort and unpacked it was about 6pm and we were ready to eat. When we walked out the hotel and looked around I started smiling and told my husband he picked the perfect place. It felt like I was in a Christmas movie. It was cold, snowy and the area was filled with small shops and stores. It truly felt like a ski town. Our first meal was a Sushi Blue. It was amazing. Afterwards we went back to the room to turn on the fireplace and bask in our newlywed glow.

At Ski Resort Feeling Beautiful

The next day we got up ate breakfast at Bartolo's and then headed to downtown Park City to sight see. Main street is the place for all the bars, museums, shops and tourist places to visit. Our first stop was Park City Museum, it has history of the town and how they went from a mining town to a ski resort. It's interesting because something is always built off of something else and this city was built based on the gold rush. Next we went into Dolly's Bookstore. The website does this locally owned bookstore no justice. It is right next to a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Store and has a darling set-up. A place to see if you travel to downtown Park City. After walking and exploring half the day we decided to have lunch at High West Distillery. The food was amazing. One thing we did learn being out here is there liquor serving is much different than other states. They don't sell hard liquor at grocery stores only state issued liquor stores and they don't make their drinks as strong.

In front of Park City Museum & Dolly's Bookstore

The next day we decided to ski most the day so we headed to The Lodge At The Mountain Ski Resort.

We got geared up and headed out with our ski gear to enjoy the snow and wind beneath our wings. Instantly, I remembered a few things from my first and only ski lesson 5 years prior, but my first timer husband was ready to go right down the more advanced ski slope. I tried to tell him to practice, but he was determined and with that he took off on his ski's before I could muster up the nerve to follow him. After a few moments I forced myself to head down and as I speed up I told myself to fold my ski's in the front to slow down. It didn't seem like I was slowing down enough so I maneuvered my way around people until I could get to the bottom and find a safe stopping place. The entire time looking for my husband - thinking he should be at the bottom waiting for me. When I reached the bottom I saw him walking without ski's looking for something. I yelled his name only to find out he fell 5 times and lost his phone and hurt his knee. He was a champ and someone found his phone and we got it from the lost and found. Needless to say we were on the learning slope most of the day after that. While we were on the learning slope we sat next to Shaunie O'Neal and her two kids. We didn't bother them just enjoyed the experience and kept going up and down the learning slope. After a long adventurous day we went back to the hotel excited that we weren't the only black people who had the idea that Skiing would be a fun vacation in Park Lake City.

Shaunie O'Neal and Kids Next to us

As our honeymoon went one we explored shopping, the Natural history of Utah Museum, and lots of eating places such as Slapfish, Eggs In The City, Squatters, and more. The moment I was in pure bliss was when we walked out of the Louis Vuitton store at Creek City Center got in our car and saw the snow falling. I was so excited we pulled over just to get out and play in it. I never actually saw it snow so this was a bucket list moment. After we played in the snow we rushed back to our resort so I could make hot cocoa and watch the snow fall (one of my many life goals). I sat there watching the snow fall thinking this is the year for miracles.

Natural History Museum Of Utah

Honeymooners at Natural History Museum Of Utah

After being in Utah for 7 days we were ready to come back home and get back to business. Being a female entrepreneur with three businesses can be really busy, but I held everything off while on our honeymoon. The atmosphere of this place, the food, the adventure, the snow, the relaxation, the new environment all created a magical adventure for me and I was proud to share it with my new husband. Park City Utah is an amazing place to explore and NewPark Ski Resort had the ambiance that anyone would love to endure. The room was perfect for two with a cozy home feel and beautiful fireplace. We could see the shops and snow filled mountains from our room. It's a different kind of wonderful to put on your gear everyday and travel the city with no schedule and heart filled with love. This is the year of monthly travel for us so you will see more food and travel blogs than anything else, but know that with each and every trip I am wishing you growth and happiness. Stay safe, stay focused and stay traveling. Happy Travels.

More trip photos to share...... ENJOY!

Out Exploring

A quick video of the snow fall I saw for the first time in my 41 years of living. It was amazing.

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