How Do You Know You're Growing?

People typically relate growth to size or things you can see, but inner growth is measured by things seen and unseen to the naked eye. Inner growth is determined by feelings, emotions and actions. How do you know if you're growing? Here are 10 ways to know if you're growing in your current situation.

1) If you no longer get upset at the same things. Things that use to put you over the top before are now things you see as obstacles and don't allow yourself to feel overwhelmed by them.

2) When you no longer allow that person to disturb your peace. Allowing someone else to destroy your good mood, or energy means you need closure from it. When you are no longer bothered by them you have grown.

3) When you accept that no one is perfect, not even you! Blaming everyone for things doesn't change the situation. If you can realize that people make mistakes and that includes you, then you are growing.

4) When you're able to say "sorry". Many people refuse to apologize for things because they feel it is weak or incriminating. When in fact, sometimes what you feel isn't the issue, sometimes it's how you made the other person feel.

5) When you start thinking outside the box. Many people stay stuck on an issue because they do the crazy thing of repeating the same situations. For example, breaking up with someone before the holidays. How can you ever grow if you're not thinking outside the box. Try something different. Only then will you see true growth.

6) When you start feeling better about yourself despite what others think. Some people may think you're the greatest thing since sliced bread, while others can't stand you. Either way, knowing your value and being able to be around anyone shows you are growing.

7) True forgiveness. When you can truly forgive someone in your heart for what they have done to you shows superior growth. Sometimes we play the victim role for a minor role, but other times you have been truly hurt and it takes a person with a new mindset to truly forgive.

8) Taking chances. When you start doing things you've never done before means you're believing in yourself and ready to explore. This could mean dating, cooking, activities, job, career, etc.

9) When you can feel better about decisions you make. If you wake up the next day feeling like the decisions you made the previous day were positive you are growing.

10) When you start seeing results. When you hear people telling you, that you've changed, good or bad, you are making an impact. People may not agree with your changes, but when they see you are changing and in turn growing.

Tell us some of the ways you have changed and what other people thought about those changes.

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