How To End A Friendship WITHOUT Drama

When you start feeling that you aren't getting anything out of the relationship and you no longer want to waste time putting effort into it there are ways to end it without causing or creating drama. If you have known this person long enough you realize what type of communication style they have and what makes them react.

This isn't a simple task and it is affecting more than one person so be careful when coming to this decision.

Once you have come to this decision it typically means you have had enough and have exhausted all resources, efforts and energy trying to make it work. Here are 5 things to remember and to do when ending a friendship to avoid extra time and drama.

1) Be honest. Tell the person how you feel (in person preferably) and let them understand why you have come to this conclusion. Some people may not understand how you really feel until they hear your version of events to compile such a decision.

2) Don't include anyone else in your decision. When we feel a certain way we tend to pull people in our direction. Don't make people choose sides or discuss your feelings with mutual friends. They may tell you they agree but then turn around and tell the other person something else causing a lot of confusion and drama. If this is your choice do it knowing you are alone in your choice.

3) Delete them from social media. When you're constantly reminded of what use to be, you second guess yourself or feel animosity towards the other person or vice versa. When you close the door leave it closed so you can have time to replenish your energy and time doing something else. It's not negative to remove people from social media. It may help you move move-on faster. Some may ask if you aren't upset why is this an option. Simply remind them and yourself that you want to look toward the future and that relationship was in your past.

4) Apologize. If one of the reasons you are ending a friendship is because you have done something wrong make sure you let them know you're sorry. When those words are spoken people tend to open their ears and allow the following sentences in. If nothing was done, but the vibe is just different or you've grown apart - let them know you're sorry for how things turned out, but you need to move on.

5) Actually Move on. Don't tell someone you want to move on and exclude them from your life, but you keep communicating with them, texting them, calling them, liking their social media photos or comments, and inviting them to events. This sends the opposite effect and they will be confused.

Ending a friendship with no drama is very hard to do. Many people feel entitled to be apart of your life once they are in it. When you start taking steps back and realize you have to do what is best for you think about these 5 things. Not every friendship that ends requires a list of things to do, especially if you've already ended it, but if you are in your feelings and this has been bothering you take these steps to move forward in your life and let go of what has been holding you back.

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