If You Plan - You Stand

Having a plan for your future has always been ideal, but not required. Some people tend to go with the flow, decide as things shift in their lives or live by the seat of their pants. Others, plan every aspect of their lives and live by their calendar. I'm suggesting you live in between. Have a plan for your financial, spiritual and personal growth aspects of your life, but let your love life and active social life be free spirited. If you plan how you want things to work in your life, you stand tall for that plan and choose things that will direct you toward them. If you have no plan - you can't prepare for ANYTHING, including promising opportunities in your life.

Plan your future and be productive - working towards financial, career and personal growth goals allows you to take step by step actions to build up to your overall goal. For example, if you want to be a doctor, you will go to school and take courses to be a doctor. If you don't know what you want to do and by when, you will take jobs that lead you no where just to bring in money. Even if you can't go to school at the moment, knowing what you want to do and when will allow you to choose options that will get you there.

Be productive- plan hours to be productive. If you decided that every Monday you will hike then you will hike. Being productive doesn't have to be demanding and tiring. The goal is to know what you want. If you decide to cut out 3 hours a week for learning a new craft, or building on the craft you have - more likely than not, you will work on that.

Plan moments to be joyous, productive, learn new things, experience growth, change, quiet moments, etc. This doesn't mean plan every aspect of your life. This means, create ways to prepare for your future and avoid loosing your purpose.

One thing that works for me is creating a flow. I work out in the morning because I know that if I wait until the evening I will be lazy and not want to do it. I try to read or learn something new every week. I save a small amount of my salary to save for emergencies, such as car issues, house repairs, etc. I try to meditate once a day to see things clearly. I plan trips with my family at least a year in advance to avoid frustration. Not everyone has the same values as I do so working out or learning something new may not be apart of your plan, but what ever is should be planned.

Have you ever woken up and wondered what am I doing? What is my life about? Why do I hang out with these people? Why am I not happy? Why am I super happy? Only you can answer those questions. Only you can create a plan for your life. It can be something done daily, weekly, monthly or annually. The key is to have a plan that will eliminate stress on your future self and a better life in your eyes.

If you plan - you stand. You stand out in the career path you've chosen. You stand up for yourself when you want to do something. You create a better environment for growth. You can have quiet moments to reflect. You have a plan to work towards. You can save money. You can grow. You can be the best you - you can be and be prepared for anything. Make a plan for your life today. What is you life for and how will you live the rest of it?

Grow, live, and change the world. Keep growing and inspiring.

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