Jalapeno Inferno

A place with great decor, amazing atmosphere and tasty food, Jalapeno Inferno, was a delight to explore. We visited the one located at Park West and the experience was promising. It was a Monday so I didn't expect it to be as busy as it was. Although it was busy we got right in and seated. Our server was pleasant and accurate. We ordered and as I looked around - I wondered who came up with the chic/modern concept for this restaurant. Although eating in a place that looks nice comforts you, lets get to the food:

Price- Our bill was about $45, which included a margarita, soda, combination place of enchiladas with rice & beans, a combination place tacos with tamale and rice and beans. A great price for two meals.

Presentation- It was a typical Mexican restaurant presentation. Rice and beans on one side with the main course in the middle. Nothing extravagant.

Quality- The food tasted fresh. It was comforting and got me full quickly. The margarita was a bit salty but still good. Overall great quality food.

Quantity- You won't get a huge plate here, but the amount is decent. You also get chips and salsa. Overall a normal sized plate.

This is a great place to relax and have an intimate lunch or dinner. The location for Park West is convenient and perfect for an after shopping meal. If you haven't been here before - check it out. If you have tell us what your experience was with Jalapeno Inferno. Another fabulous meal to share with you wonderful people. Happy Eating.

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