Knowing About "The Secret" To Happy

About three years ago, after going through devastating life changes, I came across a theory. The theory said to create happiness, success and greatness in life I should focus on those things instead of the negative things that faced me. Believing in the universe and unseen forces allowed me to bless food and feel there is a greater power, but never for love, success or happiness. I figured those were things we had to achieve alone. I searched the internet for anything to guide me when I came across something called "The Secret."

After reading it I decided it wouldn't hurt to try it. For the past three years I've been allowing myself to think better thoughts and focus on the positive and it has worked for me in most cases. Here's how:

* Instead of manifesting (thinking) about negative things focus on the positive

* Allow yourself in visually see your goal

*Ask the universe for guidance

Manifestation- I have learned that people typically pay attention to the negative things in life. You could have positive things going on, but you're overwhelmed by the negative so you focus on those things to create an answer. In order to create your destiny you can focus on some negative things if trying to improve them, however, don't let them be your daily focus. Spend more time on the good things you want and trying to achieve your goals. When you work towards what you want it happens. Plain and simple. If you're working on the opposite then you won't ever see your goal reached. Manifestation is an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea.

If you spend time focusing on what you want it will eventually happen.

Seeing Goals- When you take time to envision yourself doing something, for example loosing weight, starting a business, falling in love, you can create those goals. Determination and self love allows you to see those goals and go for them. At some point you have to realize that you're the only person that can create your happiness and do anything about your weight, love, and starting a business.

Universe- I can't say the stars aligned in a specific way allow my dreams to come true, however; when I speak things out loud I feel like they are entering the universe and I promised myself something. Have you ever thought about someone and they called. It is the weirdest thing. Imagine speaking your goals into existence and being able to create that book, be healthier, etc. Don't confuse this with just saying it and doing nothing. You still have to work at your goals. You can't sit at home and think Prince Charming will come knocking at your door. You have to go out and present yourself in the places you think Prince Charming will be. Even if it is a dating website.

There are some that are skeptical, such as Mark Manson of The Secret, and feel it isn't worth reading because it is similar to all the previous self help books prior to it. In some ways I agree with both sides. You can't just have an image in your mind of positive things and it will come true, but it doesn't hurt to try to see a positive outcome for you.

I am not sure there is a secret, but I am sure that thinking positive, feeling like I can achieve anything, and not stressing about the negative has helped me feel better, look better and go after dreams that I thought were out of my reach. Nothing is instant and you have to work at it, but if you really want it, the work should be worth it. Life is about living. So start living your life. My advice is to take positive things from all self-help messages that you feel will help your situation and build your life and legacy.

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