Ladies Night @ Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

October 22nd @ 6:30pm after a long busy day I went to Chandler, AZ for a night with the ladies. I arrived at Firebirds Wood Fired Grill. We were supposed to go with my mom, but she got tied up and it ended up being my niece and older sister. In Arizona, it still isn't sweater cold so in our jeans and top we walked to our cozy four top square table in the corner of the restaurant. I'd never been there before so it took me a minute to look over the menu. Once decided we ordered apps: Lobster Spinach Queso and Jalepeno Deviled Eggs. For my meal I got the pineapple chicken kabob and to drink strawberry basil margarita. So let's have dinner.

Price - I was an invited guest so I didn't pay the bill. However, I did see the total and not the breakdown. So for three ladies, two cocktails, two appetizers, three meals and a dessert the total was about $145. Not to shabby for a three course meal with drinks for three people.

Presentation - I felt like I was on a food network channel tasting items from a top chef. The presentation was amazing. The colors, placement and garnish was perfect.

Quality - By the time I got done eating eggs and dip I was a bit full for my full course meal, however, it was seasoned to perfection, tender and the pineapples were amazingly juicy to be grilled. The desert was the creme brulée cheesecake and full or not we ate every drop. It was crisp, smooth and the strawberries were plump.

Quantity - For my meal there was plenty of chicken and mashed potatoes. My sister and niece both got steaks. The steaks were thick but not very big so for a male counterpart I would expect them to get more than one side and that would be extra. Each meal only comes with one side option. So depending on what you order would determine your quantity.

Overall, the environment was comforting, cozy and quiet. The food was great and maybe because it was the three of us laughing and enjoying each others company it made it even more enjoyable. However, if there is a Firebirds by you and you have had other dishes please comment and let us know what to try.

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