Let's Adventure To Strawberry, AZ

Not many people know about this small, quiet kept town. When most think about Arizona at most they think, Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Scottsdale, Sedona and maybe a few other smaller towns.

Strawberry, AZ also known as Rim Country has a lot to explore. Just two hours north of Phoenix you can enjoy museums, fishing, beautiful lakes, nature and more. This is a great place to unwind from the busy everyday city life.

If you want a family, girls, or self trip to put down the electronics and enjoy quality time this is the place to visit. This quaint city near Tonto National Forest Preserve allows you to view hundred year old pines. At the preserve you will find one of the world's largest travertine bridges. Strawberry host a place with seven lakes, with one being Mogollon Rim, one of Arizona's famous. This has been said to be one of the best places to fish.

In 1875, settlers came in the area, due to gold being found in the hills. When they arrived they saw wild strawberries across the land and decided to name the city Strawberry. One of the first school houses built in 1885 still stands and can be toured May through mid-October.

If you want to do something as a family during the summer check out the annual Pine-Strawberry Summer Festival. They have music, food, crafts, magnificent scenery and a small town feel you won't get at the larger city festivals.

One adventure many visitors engage is hiking Fossil Creek. This 9 mile journey has creeks, springs and dams throughout your travel. Sit and watch nature at its best or hike through the trails to one of the water falls or springs and have a nice lunch, enjoying the moment and the mountain air.

Since Strawberry, Arizona is so close to Pine, Arizona most drive right through and miss it. Explore what this small town has to offer and see beauty and nature in a whole new light.

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