Letting Go Can Change Everything In Life

Are you still harboring feelings for an ex that moved on? Are you still holding onto friendships that feel more like jobs? Are you getting up for work hating the fact you will be in a place you can't stand for eight hours a day? Are you holding on to family relationships that were dead years ago? Are you doing things and being around people you don't want to because you have become so accustom to it and don't know what else to do? Let go of it and change your life today. I know that it seems easier said than done, but it isn't. We have been trained to think that moving on and letting go is selfish and it isn't.

Letting go of things that can make your life better isn't selfish and could change your entire outlook on life. Let me answer the questions in the first paragraph as to why you should let go and change your life forever.

The ex: They are called ex for a reason. We tend to think that we over reacted and that person wasn't as bad as the reason you left them, when in fact if they are your ex something happened for them to be that and you should look into the future and explore what life has to offer you. If this person isn't meant for you you will thrive and do better without them. Don't waste time dwelling on someone who most likely doesn't appreciate you anyway.

Lost Friendships: Sometimes people just grow apart. It isn't a bad thing because growth is good. A childhood friend can sometimes take a different life path. It doesn't mean you can't wish them the best, but if they can't make time for you or you don't make time for them life is pulling you in different directions for a reason. Be okay with it. Sometimes it is more of a relief and both people are over making excuses as to why they don't come around.

The overwhelming job: If the job you once had that was amazing and exciting is causing you to get sick in the morning and you wish it was Friday every day until Friday then you are in the wrong position. Life isn't meant to spend 80% of your day in a place you don't enjoy. Find what makes you happy and do it. If you work at a bank and want to take care of babies change your job.

The family drama: Family is always going to be around in some sense, however; you can determine how much you see those family members that cause drama, irritation, and/or lost connections. You can go to family functions and wish everyone well without calling, texting and talking about all the negative family drama that ties up your day and mind. You don't cut them out of your life completely but you do cut them out of your everyday life so you can be happier and more fulfilled.

When you make decisions to put happy and healthy people, circumstances and opportunities in your life you feel better. We all make choices from the moment we get up until we lay down at night. Make choices that will better your life and let the inner you growth and prosper. Leave the drama filled people alone and start living your best life.

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