Life's Mission - What Are You Waiting For

For the past year people have asked me what drives me and how do I stay focused. I tell them I do what I love and I find purpose and passion in it. There are many people out there trying to find their mission and purpose in life. We go day to day without a real sense of purpose. We know we want to do something, but can't find what it is. We change jobs, living situations, friends, etc and still feel empty and helpless. Why are you waiting to find out what your life's mission is?

When you have a mission you feel liberated. You have a purpose and you focus on goals that will help you succeed in that purpose. If you wake up everyday and have no meaning, or purpose in your life you're not really living. Think about what you feel passionate about. What do you get joy in fulfilling. When you find your purpose, you find your mission, then you have a vision to focus on. No one likes feeling lost, confused or overwhelmed with a longing for something they can't figure out.

Ask yourself what are you living for. Write down three things you love to do. Then ask yourself are those things helping others, fulfilling an empty space in your life and filling an empty hole for you. You can find your mission and purpose in teaching, driving, consulting, public speaking, baking, singing, helping others grow a business, or healthcare. Whatever your mission start pursuing it today. When you do you find yourself focused, confident, driven and goal oriented. When you have those qualities then you start to get noticed because people see you going full force toward something. Then they start to ask you, how do you feel so passionate, driven or focused. When you tell them it is your passion, your mission and you're dream they can understand.

Love yourself enough to stop wasting your life fulfilling dead end jobs, dreams or other people's passions. Do what you know you were put on earth to do. It isn't the career, money or material things that will have you on a mission, it is your love and passion for what you're doing. Without your sense of purpose you will forever feel lost and confused about life and its options for you.

Do four things today:

1) Write down three things you could see yourself happy doing (no matter how big or small)

2) Envision yourself doing each of those things for life. How do you feel?

3) Consider all it would take to be doing the one thing you feel most happy and fulfilled doing


You can start small by researching the field, or even just writing down what day you will register for a class. Not all things require school, but you have to start with something. Don't keep waiting until you die to find your life's mission and overall purpose. So what if there are a million candy stores and you want one. You are what will make your store different. Wholeheartedly focus on your life and make your mission a reality. No one else can do it but you. Stop feeling lost, lonely and confused. Start feeling driven, fulfilled and happy. Grow, live, and change the world. Keep growing and inspiring.

Tell others how you found your passion and how it has helped you live and grow.

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