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As the uncertainty of tomorrow plagues most of the world many are trying to figure out their financial situations. Due to the COVID 19 many people are not working as many hours, if working at all. Those that are working are working from home or in a public place secured by gloves and masks. Many couples know that finances cause a strain on relationships. What can be done in this hard time to secure your love and finances? Here are a few ideas:

1) Stay focused on the positive things. This virus is not your focus. Your family should be. Use the time you have to stay positive on your kids, relationships and quality time.

2) Communicate with your partner. Make sure they are aware of your companies intentions to stay open or close.

3) Plan ahead. Don't wait for your company to close the doors to figure out how you will pay your next mortgage payment. Talk to each other and make a plan. Decide if it will come from savings, getting a loan, getting a part time job, etc.

4) Use this time to reconnect to your family and partner. Spend quality time with each other playing games since your stuck at home. Having more "adult" time and making family dinners.

5) Do more crafts around the house. Now is the time to do things you've been putting off like spring cleaning, reorganizing, painting, etc.

6) Don't get frustrated with each other. No one knows what will happen. Try to stay supportive of each other.

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