Love Is Blind?

By happenstance I started watching a show last Tuesday called Love Is Blind. This show had 30 or more participants meeting each other in pods, without a visual, getting to know each other and determining if they wanted to marry someone on the other side. Once the male proposed they got a chance to see each other and travel to Mexico on a vacation. This is where they got the chance to interact physically. From there they moved in together and met each other's families. When the big day came the brides walked down the aisle and the grooms stood waiting as each had to decide if they wanted to in-fact really marry each other. When that moment came two of the six couples actually agreed to get married.

So, is love really blind? I don't think so. I think in order to find you're perfect someone you have to be attracted to their mind, body and soul. Yes, it is nice to get to know someone mentally before you get physical, but if the physical isn't attracting you to this person you may not get to the spiritual, which is what ties people to marriage.

The experiment was a great way to allow people to see what could happen if you try to find that perfect someone without seeing them. The show is very entertaining, however, here are thoughts on the entire process:

* Ask the right questions- Many people get intrigued with dating someone they forget to ask questions that are important. On the show you see people talking about pets, and dreams, and even some fears, however, they don't talk about financial issues, living arrangements and goals as husband and wife. One question that could potentially help someone decide on taking things a step further would be cleanliness.

* Be realistic with yourself- Knowing what you want in life and in a partnership allows you to look for those qualities in a spouse. If you don't know what you want, you can waste a lot of time dating people that you eventually find out you don't want to be with.

* Be open minded- One reason a lot of people can't and don't find happiness is because they have a certain type, physically, they are attracted to and they only look for those types of people. It is great to go for what you like, however, if you're not open to trying something new or letting go of that specific appearance, you may never find love. If you haven't found it with all the people that look that way, think outside the box.

* Try new things - Sometimes putting yourself in a different situation can allow you to open up in ways you never thought imaginable. The show didn't think so many people would actually find true love and want to get married and they probably didn't think so many would make it down the aisle. Instead of always meeting a person at a club, try a social gathering, dating site, and ask friends about potential friends that might fit well with you.

When you're looking for love nothing is standard. Thinking outside the box can allow you to create a relationship you never thought possible. Love can be blind when you find that someone you truly match with emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally, but you have to find them first.

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