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In Arizona there are a few places you can go and find food, drinks, and shopping in a relaxed and inviting area and one of those places is the Biltmore area right off Camelback near 24th street. I went to Sak's Fifth Ave to get a belt adjusted and decided to stop and have lunch with my fiancé. We wanted to try a new place so we chose True Food Kitchen. Upon entering the restaurant we realized it had a great vibe, but lets discuss the important stuff:

Price- We both ordered steak tacos with everything on them and he also ordered a peaches and bourbon drink while I had water with lemon. The drink was $13 and the tacos were $38 ($19 each). Total bill $55.39.

Presentation- The food came out looking great with a nice general presentation.

Quality- The shells on the tacos were falling apart and not cooked very well. The steak was tender and had flavor. The tacos came with a small side salad which turned out to be better to me than the tacos themselves.

Quantity- The amount of food we received for the price was not worth it. We had two tacos with a small side salad.

Overall, the atmosphere was nice and the food was okay, but I don't see myself adding this to my repeat list. I wasn't a fan of the food or the price. If you end up going here despite my review and find something better to try please let me know. Also, let them know you heard of their place via this blog. Happy food searching!

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