Lunch @ Season 52 - The Biltmore

When you're out shopping and want to get something to eat, but are tired of the fast food and processed food options you think outside the box. While shopping at the Biltmore November 6th, 2020, my fiancé and I decided to try something dinner worthy for lunch. I'd been to Season 52 before with friends and family, however, he hadn't. We walked passed a few eating spots and came around the corner to Season 52. When you walk in to the right away you feel elegance. The kitchen can be seen with a huge fire burning grill, the tables have candlelight beaming from them, and low Christmas music playing put me in the spending mood. So what did we have?

We both had the surf and turf which included steak and a lobster tail, choice of two options which are already picked for you unless you decide on something different. I chose the mac & cheese with asparagus. He chose the rice pilaf and asparagus then added a caesar salad. So the breakdown:

Price- The total for our meal was $100.99. This didn't included drinks as he paid for the bar drinks separate from the main bill. For two surf and turf meals with two sides and an added salad this can be pricey, however; if you want a great experience with it, this price is far. For a steak and lobster tail in the grocery store you can spend about $25.00, but you still have to go home and cook it with two sides. So, in this case I feel the total was appropriate.

Presentation- When the meal came out it was plated nicely. Not too much just the food placed nicely on the plate with a small garnish. I unfortunately took the picture after I put butter on the lobster tail and cut my steak to make sure it was well done.

Quality- The food was very well prepared. The lobster had a little burnt taste at the bottom of one piece, but it was juicy and flavorful. The asparagus was cooked to perfection. Not too firm, yet not to limp. When I go to steak places a thick steak is never cooked to perfection, but this steak was perfect for me, tender and juicy. The mac and cheese was creamy, nothing needed but salt and they baked it perfectly. Also, the drinks weren't on my tab the Rosé Lemonade was tasty and satisfying.

Quantity- The food portion was a nice size. I couldn't finish the mac & cheese, asparagus and had one bite left on the steak. I know many people don't stick to food proportions anymore, but this was the right fit for one person.

Overall, this was an expensive lunch, but we didn't actually have dinner because we ate so late in the day (3pm) and it was so good. Eating out can be costly, but when you pick the right places the experience and food together is worth it. If you have been to Season 52 and have an opinion about the food or service please leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.

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