My Meal At The Las Vegas Sugar Factory

When I first heard the words "Sugar Factory" I must admit I thought about this huge building we'd walk through testing all kinds of sweets. To my surprise it was a restaurant with everyday food. The atmosphere was pleasant but if you're going to travel for the Sugar Factory you need to know the stats.

Price: For my fiance and I the total bill was $152.77. I thought we had a basic meal, but our drinks were $39.00 each. He ordered the Energy Bear Goblet and I ordered the Mai Tai Goblet. He also had the pacific salmon and I had the sampler platter, which included wings, chicken strips, fried mac n cheese balls, and onion rings. With all honesty, I think the bill was a little high for two people to have one drink and a basic meal. The salmon was $35.00 and the sample platter was $28.00.

Presentation: The food and drinks came out smoking, literally! The drinks we ordered were brought in a large glass with ice and candy and when they poured your drink the glass begins to smoke. It's a cool site. The food was placed nicely and was hot. They did an amazing job on their presentation.

Quality: I was impressed by the drinks, however; I wasn't wow'd by the food. It was a basic onion ring, wings and chicken tenders. The mac n cheese balls were best. My fiance's pacific salmon was tender and flavorful. I just think for the price it would've had more to it.

Quantity: The drinks were so large I couldn't finish it, but the food was average.

This is a great place to go and have some cool drinks with friends and experience the adventure. I wouldn't recommend the Sugar Factory for dinner. The food is simple and you can get it anywhere for a cheaper price.

They do have a small candy store up front that is cool to explore. I got a box full of treats for the ride home. That made the experience better. Overall, the place is cool to experience at least once, but a bit overpriced for the experience. If you're ever in Vegas and want to spend $39 on a smoking drink here is your place. If you go mention you read about them on this blog.

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