New Year, New You, New Years Resolutions!

Now that the Christmas tree is down (for most of us), the family members have all went home and you're trying to figure out this thing called life, what are you going to do this year? I didn't see the "new year new me" post by many people. Most times people make their resolutions public so they can be held accountable. Some choose to keep it private so if they don't succeed they aren't ridiculed by others. Either way every year it is good to start a goal. It doesn't have to be anything extreme. You can choose to drink less, spend more time with family, or take more private time for yourself. No matter what the resolution pay attention to what you ask each year. If nothing is changing or by March you give up, maybe you're focusing on the wrong things. Each year should make you want to create magic. You made it through all the things that were pressuring you or holding you back. Take what you've learned and use it in the new year. Here are 5 ways to come up with great resolutions you will want to complete throughout the year.

1) Stop making health or working out a resolution. You should be doing this anyway and most people who don't want to work out or eat right just don't. Having a resolution makes it work and you already don't want to do it.

2) Your resolution should bring joy to your life and create a better you. Focus on making your resolutions positive. For example, travel more. Make going certain places a priority. Or if you only travel one place a year maybe this year focus on a smaller, less expensive vacation and take two.

3) The new year, new you shouldn't only last through the first 3 months of the year. Make resolutions you look forward too crushing. For example, buying a house this year. Save your money, repair your credit and purchase your dream home.

4) Stop worrying about people seeing your results. Most of us look for approval from others and if we don't get it we don't think our resolutions are working. Don't worry people see the difference, no matter if they tell you or not. Keep going!

5) Tell people your new focus. If you decided that you no longer want to do something, tell those around you so they won't ask you. For example, if you're saving to buy a new car tell your friends you can't go out to eat or clubbing for the first 6 months of the year because you want to save. This way you won't be tempted to spend the money to go because they won't ask you.

No matter what you decide to create as. your magical words of wisdom to yourself to keep focused and crush your goals (resolutions), know that YOU are the only person who can make them happen. Don't worry about if others are completing their goals because they may not tell you how or what they are doing. You hold the key to your own success.

On a personal note, I have been self employed for 6 months now and I relied solely on my work income to support my household and once I realized that I could live, pursue my dreams and still support my household my perception of the "American Dream" was changed. One of my new years resolutions is to avoid negative behavior, people and situations. That doesn't mean I will not talk to people or not speak my mind. It simply means, no bad talk about people, staying focused on people's reason's why and accepting it. It also means avoiding putting myself in situations I know I don't like. When you can learn yourself and use what you learned to grow you can do it with ease. I am going to travel more, live freely and grow my businesses. I currently have SJ Media, a writing company, Stacy Jewel Beauty, my beauty line (mobile boutique) and Stacy J Events, an event planning company and mobile boutique. One goal for each businesses is to take it a notch higher than I am now.

What are your new years resolutions? Share with us what you're doing to create and keep them.

Grow, live, and change the world. Keep growing and inspiring.

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