Old Town Candy & Toys - Scottsdale Arizona

Sitting at home watching Christmas movies and thinking about all the small businesses in small towns that don't get noticed had me craving for a place to discover. Oddly enough my sister and I agreed to meet at Scottsdale mall to get my mothers Christmas present and as I was driving down Scottsdale Rd into Old Town Scottsdale a sign spotted my eye. It said candy and toys. It was Old Town Candy & Toys.

After going to the mall and shopping I told my sister I wanted to head back down the road to explore the candy store. Boy was it a blast from the past. They had old lunch boxes that I remember having in the 3rd or 4th grade. They certainly carried candy that you can't get at your local grocery store, such as charms, salt water taffy, big hunks, Charleston chews and more. Although Old Town Scottsdale is not a small town, it's in the middle of the greater Phoenix area, the feel of it was such as a small town.

They have old toy dolls, such as Raggedy Ann, that for those of us in our 30's or 40's can remember were a big hit. This candy and toy store brought back childhood memories that created a happiness in me I haven't felt in years. Nothing over the top, but when you can find a place that takes you back you smile.

Arizona has a lot of wonderful attractions and places to visit. If you love toys, candy and want to feel something you've lost as an adult or want to share some things you've had as a child with your children, such as a piece of candy, this is the place to explore.

Here is a video to watch from youtube. Just click on the photo.

If you are ever in Old Town Scottsdale and have time to stop in this candy store try to find your favorite childhood candy. The funny thing is we get so wrapped up in the big chain stores we forget about the small mom and pop stores that have been serving our communities for years. I don't get paid to talk about places I go or visit, I just want to share my experiences with others and possibly help the small businesses when I can. Mention you saw this blog post to the store owner or cashier when you go in and tell us about your experience there.

When I took the photo below it reminded me of a southern Christmas movie I saw last week. I had to capture the moment. This is in front of the candy store.

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