PBJ Burger At O.H.S.O Eatery & Distillery

Some of you may know that I just celebrated a birthday last week! Thank you for the happy birthday! For lunch I wanted to try something daring, but not crazy so we went to O.H.S.O Eatery & Distillery. I'd never heard of it and thought it looked welcoming. My finance and I sat outside where the heated lamps warmed our chilled skin and heard chirping from the birds in the nearby trees.

To drink I had a mimosa, simple yet elegant enough to celebrate a birthday. I am not a fan of hamburgers so my choice surprised the both of us. I am still surprised to say it, but we got the PBJ Burger. Yes, a peanut butter and jelly cheeseburger. It is a half pound beefy patty, peanut butter bacon jam, cheddar, bacon, crispy fried onion strings and sriracha aioli sauce. It comes with a side of fries.

When I bit into the burger the surprise of spicy and tangy flavors hit my mouth life a wildfire. You couldn't single out the peanut butter and jelly jam due to the sriracha aioli sauce but the mixture of both was surreal.

Since it was my birthday they offered a free desert. This caramel apple pie was amazing.

Let's get to the meat of my thoughts about the food we tried here.

Price - The price for the mimosa was $7 ,the burger was $14, and my fiance had a pitcher of beer for $7 so the total with taxes was $30. The caramel apple pie would've been $7 but it was free.

Presentation- No garnish or extras this was a simple burger and fries meal. The photo I have shows a pickle but there is no pickle with this sandwich. The caramel apple pie looked tasty. There was no need for anything more.

Quality- I enjoyed every bit of this burger. It may seem steep to pay $14 for a burger and fries but it was worth it. At least once. I ate the entire desert by myself. The fresh drizzled caramel all over the apple pie gave it a southern taste that felt like home.

Quantity- We split the meal. The serving sizes can be shared. I wouldn't suggest sharing for a super hungry couple who normally eat a lot, but we were full for hours after sharing this burger. It is both fulling and tasty. You could share the pie, but I ate it alone.

Overall, this is a place you can enjoy a great meal, atmosphere and fantastic drink specials and not break the bank. They also have a vegan and gluten free menu. Check it out and tell them a foodie with an awesome experience sent you.

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