Platform 18 - The Train Ride

Have you ever taken a train ride to nowhere but still ended up right where you wanted to be? Platform 18 is just that train ride. In Central Phoenix there is a place to go and have creative and crafty drinks while sitting in a bar that makes you feel like you are on a train ride. Taking it one step further, you must be 21 to even enter this Phoenix hot spot. Which makes it great for gathering and relaxing. All aboard.........

On this Presidential Pullman-inspired train car, residing inside Century Grand, you get 90 minutes to try their specialty drinks, entertain with friends and look at the windows that show moving images as if you were traveling on a train. They don't have food just drinks. The 90 minutes goes quickly so you must read through their thick book style menu of drinks. Don't worry, if you are unsure tell your conductor what type of drinks you like and they will offer up options.

When you walk in you will be asked for ID then guided to a waiting room that has deem lighting and lots of plants and water sounds. As if you were in New Orleans. It is a subtle, yet intriguing area that takes you away from the Arizona heat for a moment. A few moments later someone comes to get you and takes you around the corner into what looks like a train. You are guided to your area and seated either at the bar, or back cab area where a glass of champagne is waiting for you.

The drinks are dressed up and taste just as good as they look. One thing you may consider is having a reservation. On their website it says optional, but requested, however, if you don't have one the people with reservations will always be first so you could wait hours if you don't have one.

According to their website,"travelers will embark on a 90-minute journey through the Rocky Mountains with your host Hollis Cottley Pennington, a railroad tycoon, and bootlegger. Guests will enjoy an opulent adventure to the early 20th century while imbibing on exquisitely crafted cocktails inspired by worldly flavors and ingredients."

The cocktails are vintage, classical and modern all in one. Choose from 45 different drinks. If you aren't a drinker they have 3 non-alcoholic drinks that will knock your socks off. So if you're ever in Arizona and want to experience something amazing this is the train to jump on. Another fabulous meal to share with you wonderful people. Happy Eating.

Our Amazing Drinks from Platform 18

*First and last drinks are non-alcholic drinks**

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