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In humans it's normal for us to point the finger at someone else and tell them what they did to make us mad, hurt or cast blame. It's rare that we look in the mirror and point the finger at ourselves. It is time to think better of yourself and determine your direction. Here's why:

- You can't control other people

- You can't change a situation without changing yourself

- Pointing the finger gets you no where

Three scenarios:


If you have a friend that you have pointed the finger at and advised them how you feel about a situation and then keep doing it, who is really to blame? Point the finger at yourself and ask why are you allowing this. You can't change them. So now, it is time for you to decide what to do. Do you limit the conversations, stop hanging with them, limit interaction or continue to feel the way you do?


If you're in an abusive relationship (man or female) (mental or physical), and they've told you many times they will not do it again and they do, can you really blame them? You can't change them and they're showing you who they are. It is time for you to look in the mirror and point the finger at yourself and ask is this relationship worth my unhappiness.


It's harder change family relationships, but not impossible. If you have addressed issues with a family member and they keep doing disrespectful things stop pointing the finger at them. Look yourself in the mirror and point the finger at you. Tell yourself what you want. Is it time to only see them at large family functions, do I stop calling/texting them, do I cut them off completely or just deal with them from a far like social media.

We tend to blame and overlook our roll in our relationships. There is no reason to cast blame. Some people don't see anything wrong with what they're doing so they will not change. It is up to you to determine how much you will allow. You don't have to stop dealing with people completely. You can limit what you tell them, limit time spent, limit physical interaction or you can just say enough is enough and cut them completely out of your life. What ever you choose will help you put yourself on a path to happiness and success.

Take personal accountability for your role in your relationships and determine what you will accept. It is time to stop pointing the finger and start or continue living your best life, with or without those that cross your path.

I feel so strongly about this blog that I will be addressing the issue in a video as well. To view the video click on the phone photo below. Life is limitless! Enjoy the ride.

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