Riddikulus Cookies You Will Adore

One of my many talents is event planning and over the past weekend I orchestrated my own engagement party. In doing so I wanted personalized cookies so I reached out to Erin with Riddikulus Cookies. I have been working with her for over two years and she never lets me down, so I wanted to highlight her in my food post this week.

Here are some of the Riddikulus Cookies she has done for me and some other customers.

This is just one of the engagement cookies, they were eaten before I could take the photos. Not only are the cookies beautiful they are tasty as well.

Below are the cookies she completed for my goddaughters first birthday back in September 2019. They were a big hit with the little ones and the adults as well. Obviously, the theme was Care Bears.

Below are the cookies she did for my daughters 15th birthday party. The theme was unicorn princess. She didn't do the cake, just the cookies.

Below are the going away cookies she did for my oldest daughter's going away party.

Here talents are endless and instead of writing about a large company for food chain I've been too I decided for the rest of the year I will be writing and supporting small businesses. Check out these other cookies by Riddikulus Cookies.

As you can see she is very talented and in today's economy I praise and support her for continuing to provide great service and Riddikulus Cookies.

For more information click on the link above and try to support your small businesses.

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