RocketFizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop - SLC Utah

While on our honeymoon exploration adventure we stumbled across a place in Salt Lake City at the Gateway District called Rocketfizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop. It was a large candy store that had candy for all generations. At that moment I didn't realize they had franchises all over the world. I'd never seen this store before and was intrigued by how it made me feel when I walked in.

When I was younger I loved certain candy, such as big chew bubble gum, runts and so many other great candies. When I walked in this blast from the past it made me feel young and free again. Unlikely for many just walking into a candy store, but for me it could've been the honeymoon vibe or the fresh air feeling, either way I explored the store.

After walking around I asked how long they'd been there and the clerk told me 6 years. The Gateway District was a beautiful place the unique buildings and cute store fronts but all seemed to be empty. I figured Covid hit them hard and left the ones who could afford to still be open. Thinking that I had to support this store and get a few things such as Alexander The Grape candies and watermelon coco slices. I walked around the store some more took a few photos and tried not to think of all the hard work it must take to find and sell these vintage candies and soda pops.

This location is large, full of 70's, 80's and 90's candies that can send you on a time capsule back to your childhood making you remember what fun was all about. If you're in the Salt Lake City area and haven't been check it out. If you've been let me know how this store made you feel when you walked in. For those with locations near then, tell us how the store is set-up. Is it large like this store? Traveling doesn't always mean exploring some underground tunnel or hiking the highest mountain, it means exploring things you've never done before even if that mean popping into a Rocketfizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop. Stay safe, stay focused and stay traveling. Happy Travels.

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