Schmooze- A Breakfast Spot

So my hubby and I went on a new hiking trail and afterwards decided to eat breakfast at one of the places in Scottsdale we'd been to before. When we got there it was crowded and looked like a wait so he googled places to eat near us and found a place neither of us had heard of before called Schmooze. When we arrived I immediately started taking photos and loved the spot.

Upon walking up on a side street with lots of shops you see this gated restaurant with flowers and greenery everywhere. It reminded me of the Versace mansion in Miami. Only because the presence seemed private and captivating. The sign in front allows for guest to view the menu before coming in. Once we walked into the courtyard and saw the waterfalls, trees, and tables filled with people working on their laptops I thought "wow, we've been missing out." Not because we didn't know of this place, but because we saw how people were able to enjoy their craft in a beautiful place that allowed them to be temporarily some place else.

As we walked into the front door to order the walls were painted with cool retro style designs, they had a bar and music playing. We ordered our food, took our number and walked back out to the courtyard to find a table. We found a cute two person table under a tall tree. As I sat down and listened to the nearby waterfalls, I thought I have to blog about this place. So let's talk food!

Price: The bill for me and my hubby was about $30. He paid so I don't have the receipt. I ordered the bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. He ordered the traditional egg breakfast.

Presentation: A basic setup but still very presentable.

Quality: The food was good. The brioche bun my sandwich came on was soft and buttery. The food seemed fresh and healthy.

Quantity: We were eating light so this was the perfect place. It was enough to get us full, but it wasn't a lot of food. My sandwich came alone and his meal had bacon, eggs and potatoes but a frugal amount. This isn't the place to over eat.

Overall this was a wonderful place for breakfast, and I'm sure to have drinks in the evening. The atmosphere alone is inviting and beautiful. The food was great and I will be back again. If you haven't heard of this place, which may not be the case since they have over 10K followers on Instagram, try it out and let us know what you think. If you've already been here tell us your experience. Another fabulous meal to share with you wonderful people. Happy Eating.

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