Squatters Roadhouse Grill - Park City Utah

On January 17th 2021 my husband and I caught the free transportation line to Squatters Roadhouse Grill for breakfast. We wanted to try places we couldn't get at home and while we were on our honeymoon exploring and eating seemed to be the highest priorities for us. It looked cool online and we wanted to venue out of our hotel walking distance for breakfast this time. So down to the scones and mimosas:

Utah Scones

Price: $29.71 for two. Let me say this is an AMAZING price for two people to eat any meal out. With that being said I also have to say that I got the Roadhouse Skillet ($12.00) but I didn't like it so I sent it back. I am not a big fan of eggs and it had more eggs than anything else. I did get the midday mimosa ($3.00) Utah Scones ($6.00) and a side of bacon ($4.00) instead of the skillet. My husband got the French Toast Breakfast ($11.00) and a sprite ($3.00). Our total bill with tip was $37.71.

Presentation: Everything came out looking great. The food didn't have anything special like garnish or anything. I guess that is to be expected at a pub or brewery. The scones came out with fresh powered sugar and looked tasty.

Quality: The food was just so-so for me. I didn't care for the skillet nor the scones. After one bit of the scones I knew I probably wouldn't get anything I wanted so I just ate the bacon. The scones that I am use to are fuller and fulfilling. These seemed more like baguettes than scones. I like both, but wasn't pleased. My husband was pleased with his french toast breakfast. The Texas toast bread was soft and fulfilling. He ate it all.

Quantity: If I had liked the skillet it was large and probably able to be shared. The scones came in a large pile and was definitely enough to share. The french toast breakfast was good for one person.

Overall the atmosphere was great and the building was beautiful, but I was not happy with the food. I looked up locations and this place is only located in Utah. They have 4 locations, Salt Lake City, SLC airport and West Side Tavern along with the Park West location we visited. Our Server Alicia was amazing and very kind. I can't say I would visit here again for breakfast, but if you're looking for a pub and want to try their drinks the mimosa was perfect and I am sure their beers are better than their food. Another fabulous (so-so) meal to share with you wonderful people. Happy Eating.

Roadhouse Skillet

Roadhouse Skillet

French Toast Breakfast

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