Surviving Christmas Alone

Not everyone has a better half they can wake up to and attend holiday functions with. Some of us are sitting at home on Christmas Eve watching movies and remembering the days the dates were more than we could handle. Others are out visiting family and friends and have become known as the single family member. It's okay to be alone during Christmas or any other time. First, let me say Merry Christmas. I am sure you're packing up your car to head to many of your holiday destinations for the day. Just remember that you're in a relationship with yourself. Surviving Christmas alone can be gut-renching for some while it can be relaxing and fascinating for others. It's all in how you look at it. In order to survive Christmas alone you have to think of it as a break from the norm. One movie that really had me laughing and brought a different concept about being single on holidays is the movie Holidate. Not everyone wants to be a duo during the holidays at least with a serious partner. Sometimes you want to go out and have a great time with no strings attached. Here are a few tips to surviving Christmas alone.

* Do things you have always wanted to do

* Spend quality time with family members you normally don't get to see

* Travel somewhere different

* Take some time to yourself

* Do something different with your home

* Write/Blog/Journal during your time off

* Hang out with friends you haven't seen in a while

* Re-organize

* Make new years resolutions

* Watch great movies

* Relax

* Complete a project you've always wanted to

* Make a new vision board

* Delete all the people you don't want to deal with in 2021

* Make a meal you've always wanted to try

Just because you're not in a committed relationship during the holidays doesn't mean you are alone. You have plenty of options and there is a lot to do. Christmas is a time for family and friends. Take advantage of that and enjoy it. If you have any suggestions for Christmas fun alone let us know.

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