TakingYour Skills To The Next Level And Creating Income

When I first started writing I wasn't sure what I would write about or how I would do it. I have tried many tactics and blog site creators before finally being where I am today. Then as I wrote about things I decided to branch off and try other things. Well I am excited to announce that not only have I written my fourth book, but I decided, after many request, to create a course to show first time book writers how to do it.

So I've been posting my fourth book, The Elevator Ride 2, on my social media and other sites and request started coming in from first time book writers asking for help. After thinking about all the steps it takes to actually write and publish your book I made a post asking who would be interested in a mastermind course in "How To Write And Publish Your Book For Free." Many people said they have been looking for this type of information.

Everyday for one week I researched credible course websites, recorded video, screen recorded my steps, and wrote documents and guides to book writing and publishing. I broke down the outline, editing, formatting, book cover creation, book printing, publishing, advertising and more. Then I put it into a course so that others can write and publish their book for FREE.

Why am I telling you this? Because if you have a skill that people need, and are willing to pay for then you should be taking that skill to the next level. Yes, there is a ton of competition in any field and I admit I get nervous about new ventures because they seem complicated and time consuming, but with just a few days (6 days) of work I created a course that will allow many people to learn the many steps to creating their own masterpiece.

In creating this course I charge $99 for the information. I know, I know so many told me that is too low, but I wanted the cost to be affordable to those who may doubt the entire process is free. Why, because when I make my next course and charge more for the in debt detail they will have no doubt about my skills and abilities to deliver.

Again, why do you need to know all of this. Because it is time for you to take your side hustle to the next level. If you do something that others need to learn then it is time for you to take your skills to the next level and create income. Why do you want to do this:

-You want freedom to live life without the 9-5 job

-Stable income while traveling

-Piece of mind

-Providing valuable knowledge to those that need it

-Leaving a legacy that your family can value

-Doing something outside the box that allows you to finally live

No matter what your knowledge or skill is you can create a "how to" video, course, website where people pay for information, etc and build up your followers and they will tell you what they need. With the Coronavirus going around so many people have been at home thinking of ways to make money while their jobs were closed. Think about what your skill is and determine if you are ready to make money using it.

Here are a few things to think about:

-How much time you have to create your money making informational course, video, etc.

-How will you advertise it to clients

-What specific skill will you focus on

-How much will you charge

-Where do you even begin

If you want the answer to these questions I will do a follow-up blog post on Wednesday answering these questions. Do something that will advance your life, skills and help you create something great.

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