That Dinner @ Tap House Kitchen

When you walk in Tap House Kitchen you think upscale bar. When you sit at the table you think pretty little wine place. When you eat the food at Tap House Kitchen you think Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. This place has all the magic to make you feel like you're in three different places. The food was amazingly good, drinks came with cute names and were fantastic and the atmosphere made me feel at home.

There are two locations in Arizona and funny thing is we were at both the same night. I gave my family members the Scottsdale location to meet, but my husband put in the Phoenix location when we headed out to dinner. So we were at the Phoenix location having cocktails when my little sister, Ashley, said she didn't see us in the restaurant. Then a big light went off in my head. OMG.... We are at the wrong Tap House Kitchen. We finished our drinks ( Oh So Good) then dashed to the Scottsdale location. Good thing it was only 10 minutes away. So here's the break down:

Price - There were four of us and the total bill for the dinner was $181.98. Which is good for 3 Rose all day cocktails, 3 on a Wednesday cocktails, Wear pink cocktail.......You see where this is going, lol. We had 3 Twelve piece chicken wings $45.00, Truffle fries $6, fish n chips $16, Claim chowder $7, dinner salad $11, and the old stand by $14.

Presentation - The food came out like it was a gourmet restaurant. That is what made the experience so nice. The affordability and the nice presentation. The drinks came looking nicely prepared and the food was garnished and plated nicely. It goes to show. you don't have to dine at a high end place with a suit and dress to get great presentation.

Drinks from Phoenix Tap House

Quality - The seasonings used, the level of crisp for the chicken, the overall quality for this meal was great. I couldn't complain about one thing. Our server was very attentive and we were there near closing. Usually when it is that late, the waiters loose interest and begin their "go home" duties. That was not the case here.

Quantity - The drinks weren't too large, so we each had about two. The food came in the perfect quantity. I say that because it wasn't too large we couldn't finish, or too small that we needed more.

The overall experience was exceptional. We laughed, ate, drank and enjoyed our visit. That dinner at Tap House Kitchen was dam good. I will be back to both locations. If you've been here please let us know about your experience. Another fabulous meal to share with you wonderful people. Happy Eating.

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