The Breakfast Bitch - Downtown Arizona

With a name like Breakfast Bitch who wouldn't want to check out this crafty, unique cafe for breakfast. They have two locations downtown Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California. I was lucky enough to be invited to a birthday breakfast, that turned into late brunch, a few weeks ago and this place was crazy busy. I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about until I sat down to eat.

A group of us ate on the outside patio. As I looked around I thought "this is really a hip and happening location," as people were walking by they would sing the songs the restaurant was playing. The menu wasn't overwhelming, it was simple and easy. So let's get to breakfast:

Price: I had the create your own bitch, which consisted of pancakes, powered sugar and fresh fruit and a side of sausage. I didn't pay for this meal so I can't give exact figures but my meal was less than $11. I had a mimosa (not the bottoms up) which was about $8. My husband had the breakfast croissant that he said was wonderful. The prices were very affordable. Cheaper than most hype and dynamic breakfast places I've been to. If I had to guess for our meal as a table no more than $200. We had about 10 people with us. So that was a great deal.

Presentation: The food presentation was on point. It came out looking like a $100 meal. They take pride in their display and I am sure that is a reason so many people keep coming back.

Quality: As I tasted my pancakes they melted in my mouth. The fruit wasn't frozen it was fresh. The entire mix was perfect.

Quantity: They serve a little larger than normal portions, but not too large. You could share your plate if you wanted to. It seems to be a good balance for those who aren't super hungry to share and those who are to get full on one plate.

This funny name, fun atmosphere and great location make this place a winner. If it is your birthday they come out with a radio and sing to you like you were dancing on beat street. Overall, this is a great place for breakfast. If you plan on going you must call ahead for reservations or you could be standing there for over two hours to eat. This has become a popular downtown Phoenix breakfast location. If you're in San Diego tell us your story about your experience at Breakfast Bitch. Another fabulous meal to share with you wonderful people. Happy Eating.

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