The Juicy Crab

Two weeks ago on my daughter, Alize's 23rd birthday, we decided to try a restaurant we'd never been to before. Since we were in Georgia visiting we decided on The Juicy Crab. It is similar to Hot n' Juicy in many ways such as you get crab legs, corn and potatoes and pick your own seasoning and flavor. One of the main differences I liked about them is you get the corn and potatoes included in the price. Another great thing about them is the portions of the food are very large.

I ordered the seafood combo with snow crab legs which includes one cluster, corn and potatoes. You can chose from Cajun, garlic butter, lemon pepper, or juicy special seasoning. Then you chose if you want the seasoning to be Very Mild, Mild, Medium, Hot, Extra Hot. I played it safe and got the medium seasoning. My oldest daughter and son got the chicken strips, my youngest daughter got hot wings and my fiance got a dungeness combo. No one could finish their meals. Since I was driving I only had a lemonade to drink. Now let's talk about the ratings.

Price- For a meal of 5 including drinks the bill came to a little under $120, which isn't bad for seafood and drinks. Although the kids had chicken we've been to similar places and the bill was almost $180 for the same meal.

Presentation- Due to the food coming combined there wasn't much of a presentation, however, the chicken strips knocked my socks off because they were large and golden brown in color, which is exactly how I like them.

Quality- The food tasted great. There was nothing I could complain about. The seafood was tender, potatoes were well seasoned, the corn melted in my mouth. The seasoning picked were perfect.

Quantity- If you don't already know from my previous statements these portions are big. No one in our party ate all of their food. We were full and totally satisfied with our food selection.

If you're ever in an area that has The Juicy Crab you have to stop in and try one of their combo meals. Maybe next time I can tell you about their drinks.

Bon Appetite!

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