The Past Is Written, Demand Respect Today

We have those people that have known us for years and can take advantage of what they know. They know if they beg you to do something you really don't want to do, you will do it. They know if you have extra money you will give it to them. They know if your past so they think they know your future. We can't changed what happed last year or yesterday. What we can change is how we feel about our past actions and how we act and feel about things moving forward. What changes do you want to make and how will you make others respect those changes.

Somethings take time to get over and we may never get over them, but we can control how we feel and what we do about how we feel. Just because we can't change the past doesn't mean we have to let it consume or control us. For example, if you did something years ago that was embarrassing and people keep bringing it up, simply tell them, that part of your life happened now move on.

One of this biggest things people have to deal with is gossip. Everyone has done it at some point in their lives and many people still do it now. Let's say you shared a top secret and now some people feel they can't trust you. Accept that as your past and in the future demand that others leave it in the past. Then forgive yourself for it and remind yourself to be a better person.

We can't change a pain filled past, but we can change how others may feel about it and how we feel about ourselves. When you harbor the past feelings, you can be ashamed and condemn ourselves to that moment over and over. The best thing to do is let it be in the past and move forward making better decisions. Then you will feel better and others around you will feel better as well.

The past is written, demand respect today because you want others to understand you're not your mistakes and you can only learn from those mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, big and small, so don't feel like you're the only one. Write your future full of great choices, healthy living, peaceful, wealthy and fulfilled. When you change how you feel about yourself and past decisions then you change how others do as well. Demanding respect means not allowing anyone to drag you back to feeling ashamed. It also means not dragging yourself back. Allow the past (even yesterday) to be the past and focus on a positive and uplifting future. Life will give you lemons and sometimes you have to sit back and appreciate the gesture, and make lemonade. So happy to share this with you loving folks. Keep loving & living.

Tell us about a time when you were ashamed of a past action but was able to move on and appreciate it as your past and focus on a better future.

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