The Taste Of Bluewater Grill - Phoenix, AZ

It's a nice Friday so my husband and I decide to have a "spend time together day"and head to Scottsdale Mall to do some light shopping. About two hours in we decided to go to Bluewater Grill for dinner. We'd passed it many times on the 51 freeway, but the one time we did stop to eat there it was closed down for some reason. About a month ago we realized it was back open and didn't want to miss the opportunity again. It is the only one in Arizona, so not surprisingly, it was pretty busy. We were seated about 10 minutes later by the bar. So let's talk fisherman:

Price: The overall bill for two was $68.97. Captain's Mai Mai- $12.50, Sub salad- $3.00, Chicken "under a brick"- $24.00, Fisherman's Platter- $24.00. A very good price for a seafood restaurant.

Presentation: I have to admit I thought the presentation for the fisherman's platter would look better, but it was simple. The Chicken "under the brick" on the other hand looked scrumptious. The sauce glazed the place just enough to make it look fancy. So I guess it depends on what you get. The Captain's Mai Mai (below) was strong and tasty.

Quality: My husband wasn't pleased at how hard the french fries were, but loved the fish on the platter. He said it was crispy and fresh. The chicken was flavorful, tender and the sides were a burst of flavor. I enjoyed everything.

Quantity: The plates were a decent size. I had two pieces of chicken and only ate one. My husband ate his fish platter minus the fries. So these could be share platters if you're not too hungry.

Overall, the place was cool. It has smaller rooms inside it for larger parties. The atmosphere was inviting and the food was tasty. I would recommend anyone living in Arizona to check it out. The cool decor makes you feel like you're out at sea. I say this place was worth the wait. Another fabulous meal to share with you wonderful people. Happy Eating.

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