The Truth Shall Set You Free - Relationship

It is a cliche saying, but it is so true. Telling your partner the truth about how you feel even when you think it may hurt their feelings is the best way to build your relationship. Hiding things and keeping quiet is creating a ticking time bomb. One small thing can lead to two other smaller things, which can turn into one large problem.

The best way to have a better relationship is telling the truth. The truth shall set you free. Free from frustrations, telling others your business, attitude problems, and arguments. Let's say your girlfriend always eats off your plate in public and it annoys you. Tell her that ( In a respectful & loving tone). One of the biggest things I had to learn last year was it wasn't what I said, but how I said it. When I realized that telling someone the truth didn't create a bigger problem, but not telling them did, I realized it would be my forever rule. TELL PEOPLE THE TRUTH. When you tell people the truth they don't always have to like it, but they should respect it.

So if your girlfriend goes out with you and you've told her you don't like her eating off your plate, she shouldn't do it anymore and you can enjoy the night without feeling annoyed. This helps the both of you. She understands what was causing issues and you don't have to allow it anymore.

Telling the truth sets you free because now your mind is free to explore other things. You don't have to dwell on the negative things or bothersome things. You truly feel free. You weight is lightened. People tend to think that when you tell someone the truth you're going to hurt their feelings and cause a bigger issue. That is rarely the case. People don't always view things the way you do and they may not see anything wrong with what they are doing until you bring it to their attention.

Another reason for setting your self free with the truth is because it is less stress on you. Stressing out about things causes a lot of health issues such as headaches, cancer and insomnia. It isn't worth the headache (literally).

I use to think that keeping things to myself and trying to figure them out without outside influence was the best thing, but I would dwell on it and it would bother me until my attitude towards that person, or people would manifest into something bigger than what it was. I would see things that would keep adding to my issue and the person or people wouldn't even know because they didn't know it bothered me. At the end of the day I was actually forced to tell the truth and it was such a relief that I never thought about it again. To go everyday thinking about the negative and turning thoughts into negative actions created tension for no reason. I could've resolved it with the first sign of trouble.

Today so many people forget that the truth is the best way to communicate. Just be honest and open and allow yourself to be happy. My husband and I have learned that we may not do things how the other person likes it, but communicating and telling each other how we feel is the best way to build and grow. You know what the other person wants and what to expect. Living your best life means creating the environment you want to be apart of and loving the people you are with for who they are, but not letting them destroy what you are. May your truth set you FREE. So happy to share this with you loving folks. Keep loving & living.

Let me know if this blog post has helped you! Tell us a time you had a circumstance where you told the truth about something that bothered you to a spouse, friend or family member and you felt better and so did they!

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