The Year Your Dreams Become Reality

We wonder about our lives and how we got to where we are today. We develop relationships with people and at some point wonder why we deal with those people when they have nothing in common with our goals or dreams. We are debating on our work goals, family lives and personal goals. What if I told you that you could make your dreams become a reality this year? What if I said you are the one that holds the cards to your destiny? Well it is the truth. I never believed in mind readers, physics or spirited souls until I realized God has given everyone a gift and it's up to us to make it a reality.

I did a numerologist report a week ago and I nearly jumped out of my seat when I got the results. It was dead on me. It talked about organization, determination, skills, mindset and what needed to be done to build my empire for the next decade. Some of what I learned can be used with anyone and these things will manifest your life's purpose.

1) Set powerful and aligned intentions as soon as possible - This can be a bit confusing because if you don't know what your supposed to do in life how can you set powerful and aligned intentions in a hurry. Make a list of careers you feel are your life's purpose. Try to limit it to 3. Mediate on it asking the universe to show you what it is your supposed to be doing. If it is still not clear after a week then think about each career and ask yourself how you feel doing them. Are you stressed, does it come easy, are you happy when you do it? Then take a day and do that job. For example, If you are battling between being and event planner and a writer, envision what your day would be like as a writer then take the day and do it. Then do the same for an event planner. In the back of your mind think about the environment, can you be in this environment daily? Are your shoulders and neck tense thinking about doing the job? Do you feel at ease and excited? The night before are you excited to get to work? After doing all jobs analyze the results.

2) Leave no room about WHO you are and WHAT you're creating this year - Once you decide what you want to do the universe will open up and allow you to be just who you are. Have you ever noticed when you talk about someone they call you or reach out to you on social media. The universe has allowed you to bring that thought to life. If you aren't clear on your path you can't ask the universe to open the doors because it doesn't know what to let in.

3) Clear out the old and make way for the new - Let go of people and things that aren't apart of your future. Stop holding on to people because they have been in your life for 20 years. You're only going to grow as much as the people around you. Millionaires don't hang out with broke people. If you want to grow you need to "grow up" your circle. It is hard to move on and people say you have changed but if you are talking about growing your business or building a better relationship with your husband and the people around you are focused on clubs, drinking and looking cute you have different goals and guess what they aren't going to help you get to the next level in life.

4) Find your true talents and abilities- When you realize what comes easy to you, you can create a life that is filled with ease and you're doing things you love. If you can cook really good and people always talk about your cooking maybe a chief is your purpose. If you can write a book with ease and quickly maybe writing is your purpose and if you can draw really well maybe an artist is your purpose. If you would rather work for someone find out what talents you have. If your a truth seeker maybe law, investigation or therapist may be your purpose. It all depends on what makes you truly happy and is done with ease.

5) Find what your soul needs to grow and evolve- There are traits that you have that make you unique and make you tick. When you realize what those are then you can transform your life and create possibilities you never thought possible. For example, my numerologist report said I am a true storyteller, charming, adaptable but loves freedom, great speaker, doesn't give up easily and not afraid to take charge. I believe those are real traits that I have but never thought about them as things I needed to grow and evolve. So I obviously couldn't have a job that didn't allow me to use these traits. Amazingly it stated I would be someone who would most likely have written a book. I have written 3. Find your traits and use them to build your future.

6) Know what your life's path is - These are words that evaluate the type of person you are. When you know what other people see you as and what you truly are then you can work on your life with no blinders on. Some people don't want to know the truth about themselves which will make it hard for them to grow. For example, if you are reliable, preserving, diligent, organized, and/or a natural leader you know what tools to use to make your life path come to life. You can't have a job where you need to be organized if that isn't you. You can't be a manager if you are not a leader. Know what you are working with and you will be able to create an easier path for your life.

7) Be honest with yourself- You will have a lot of people in your life telling you what you want to hear. Figure things out for yourself. Take time with yourself and ask the difficult questions. Mediate on things and realize when you need to move forward or fall back. Don't create a life for yourself you don't want because you can't be honest with yourself. If you feel like you just don't know ask someone you value and respect.

Follow these rules and you will make 2020 a decade that will empower you to build the empire you have always wanted. If you know all these things stay focused and driven. Don't let people tell you that you are thinking to great. There is nothing worse than a lost dream that could be reality because your're scared to take your life to the next level.

If you need help finding your talents and abilities you can do a numerology report.

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