There Is Enough For Everyone To Live Happy

When you open your phone and log into a social media page and see others doing well do you get offended, annoyed or discouraged? If so you are part of the many people who feel that others growth and financial gain is limited. There is no limit on the amount of money you can make based on what others are doing. There is enough for everyone to live and be happy.

Many people believe that if others are doing well they are limited to what they can accomplish and that isn't true. Just because others are doing well it has nothing to do with your gain. Harry S. Truman said "There is enough in the world for everyone to have plenty to live on happily at peace and still get along with their neighbors". For some reason we were taught that when others do something before us or get blessed prior to us we are behind the race. That isn't true and we have to start trusting that our time will come. We have to be happy for others wins in order for others to be happy for ours.

One thing we need to stop doing is being judgmental about how others go about their process of wealth, living and gain. Just because someone may do something different than we would doesn't make it wrong. We don't have to get angry or butt-hurt that someone is living great.

If you want something to happen for you ask for what you want. This means in your career, with family, friends, etc. You ask for what you want when you meditate and to yourself. You have to be willing to congratulate others on their successes and truly be happy for them. You have to be willing to give when you can to help others accomplish their goals. Money doesn't grow on trees, but it isn't going into extinction either. There is plenty of money, jobs, success stories and profit to share.

When Netflix came out with a way to sell subscriptions for people to watch their favorite shows when they wanted they didn't quit because Hulu, HBO and Stars started doing it. They created a way to do what they do better. In most cases people have both Hulu and Netflix. When you allow yourself to understand that there is no shortage of greatness you can create your destiny. No matter what your field, dream or ambition there is enough to go around so be happy those around you are growing and doing it.

Four rules to live by to create a world of plenty:

1) Believe in yourself and your idea

2) Be open-minded to change

3) Help others

4) Know that there is enough to go around

Have you ever had a time when someone did something before you and you were confused as to why you didn't do it first? Was there a time you were upset because you felt you were coming in last? Tell us why you felt that way and if you believed that there was enough to go around. Stay true to yourself and your journey.

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