Top 7 Things To Do In Fresno California

Most people come to California to visit popular places, such as Los Angeles, San Diego or even Anaheim. However, there is another place in California that has a bustling city and people explore called Fresno. Fresno is apart of San Joaquin Valley and was created in the early 1900s. The city is home of Yosemite National Park, which has giant rock formations and waterfalls. So if you ever decide to take a trip to Fresno here are 7 things you have to check out.

1) Yosemite National Park- The mountains and views here are amazing. You can camp here or take a day hike. Make sure you get your permit prior to going or you will not be able to get in. Due to limitations around Covid. If you decide to stay a night check out their overnight accommodations. This is great for a family trip or a couples getaway. They have camping, hiking, wilderness classes, tours, and more. You will actually see wildlife animals here.

2) River Park Shopping Center- Here you will find shops, food and activities for the entire family. The restaurants are typical places you find in most cities, but you also get those places, such as Pismo's Coastal Grill that you can't find in any city.

3) Islands Waterpark - Currently they are only open on the weekends until later in the summer, but if you get the chance to explore this family fun waterpark you will have a blast. Enjoy the tidal wave pool, rides and/or attractions. One of my favorites is the Bora Bora racers. You slide down a water slide on a mat racing others to the bottom.

4) Meux Home Museum- Like many places there were mansions build in the early centuries that are now museums for people to walk through and explore. This is one of those homes. This home was build in 1888 by Dr. Thomas Richard Meux. This 16 bedroom victorian mansion has 45 minute tours that allow you to explore the life of the rich and famous back in those days.

5) Fresno Art Museum - For those of you who love art or just a little interested in something to do check out the Fresno Art Museum. They have been closed for over a year due to Covid, but reopen on certain days and will be fully open in the next month or so. They are keeping their Bonnie Peterson exhibit until January 2022. They are also including Rafael Lopez's Art Of The World exhibit, which shows art from around the globe.

6) Fresno Chaffee Zoo - The zoo just reopened and preordered tickets are required. Enjoy the tropical rainforest exhibit, reptile house, Sealion Cove and Stingray bay. If you love animals you will find animals from around the world here. They open 9am daily and tickets aren't expensive. Children 1 and under are free.

7) Forestiere Underground Gardens - This place is a California registered historical landmark. Not everything to be seen is on top. This underground garden was established in 1901 by Baldassare Forestiere, a Sicilian immigrant. When he was a boy he admired the ancient catacombs and wanted to recreate that vibe in Fresno, California. Creating beautiful underground passage ways and groves Forestiere has left a legacy that must be seen. Come here to check out a beautiful piece of history. By the time he was 40 year old he had excavated and planted over 10 acres.

Fresno may not be at the top of your list for vacation travels, but if you decide to pass through or have family members there are plenty of things to do to entertain yourself and family. Traveling to unpopular destination spots allow you to explore places off the grid. Although Fresno is the 5th largest city, just beating Long Beach, it still isn't much of a tourist community. If you live in Fresno, or have traveled there recently tell us your experience. Stay safe, stay focused and stay traveling. Happy Travels.

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