Top 8 AZ Grub Spots People Don't Know About

After exploring food chain restaurants in Arizona, I decided to try the one spot shop places. It is hard to find local cuisine that is unique and different without someone telling you about it. We get hungry and go to the nearest McDonald's, Taco Bell or Outback Steak House without realising the potential of the small quant places to eat. Here are 8 Arizona grub places that locals don't know about.

Chicken Wrap & Mango Salad - Tikka Shack

1) Tikka Shack Indian Grub - I never heard of this place, but was hungry and driving around looking for something new. When I found this at desert ridge, the decor pulled me in. I googled it and realized there are only 3 in AZ. No wonder people don't know much about it. The food is healthy and flavorful. This Indian cuisine will leave you full and feeling good.

2) Voodoo Daddy - This New Orleans inspired grub spot has only one location in AZ. Walking in creates a new atmosphere, yes, the New Orleans atmosphere. The drinks, food and decor all create the essence of being somewhere else. The food is tasty and colorful. The drinks will have you captivated. This place will have you craving more.

3) JINYA Ramen Bar - After trying this in Atlanta, GA, I looked it up, only to realize we have one here in AZ. This Japanese cultured ramen bar has an elegant feel, but a comforting menu. The food is explosive and will enjoy every bite.

4) Flavors Of Louisiana - With only two locations in AZ this place delivers the southern flare of cooking to the valley. Try the Étouffée, Gumbo or blackened fish. The place is a simple dive, but allows you to create a magical meal.

5) Pappadeaux - With only one location in AZ, this place is a favorite to many. The atmosphere is elegant. The food is amazing. The drinks are phenomenal. The price is high. This is one of my favorite seafood places. The food has so much flavor and is plated for a magazine cover.

6) The Sicilian Butcher - With only 3 locations in AZ only the well informed have had a chance to explore this crafted meatball and Charcuterie bar. The food is fresh, drinks are amazing and the atmosphere is inviting. A place you have to try.

7) Revolu Taqueria - With only two locations in AZ you have to find the time to check this place out. The margaritas and tacos are to die for. The atmosphere is unique and chic. The food comes out like it is on the food network. You won't believe your eyes.

8) The Social on 83rd - This urban, eclectic grub spot has an upscale appeal with down to earth food. The decor is amazing and the food delivery is something you would see on TV. They have wine days on Tuesday & Thursday. They're not open for lunch, as they open at 2pm, but a great evening cocktail or bit to eat and you will fall in love.

Sometimes helping others find great places to enjoy creates joy for others. Try these places and tell your friends about them. Arizona has a lot more to offer than some may think. If you've been to any of these places tell us about it. Another fabulous meal to share with you wonderful people. Happy Eating.

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