Top 8 Places To Eat While In ATL

Going out to eat is an experience. Some fancy, others quick and simple, and then there are the "everyday" chill spots that allow you to relax, enjoy the atmosphere and the food. I've experienced all of those in my ATL journey and want to share them with you. Here are 8 must try food places in ATL:

Sweet Stack Creamery - ATL

1) Fat Matt's Rib Shack - Your typical great food, small diner. This place serves up ribs and sides. If you like sweet greens they have them. The beans are really good. They are a simple rib shack with a lot of love.

2) St James Live - This is a jazz club that requires nice apparel, no tennis shoes, or shorts, however; the food was amazing. The plates were a nice petite size. The drinks were large and tasty. The atmosphere was amazing. The live jazz on the stage, the ambiance of the dim lights, fire place and candles on the tables set the mood for elegance. I tried the lamb chops, greens, and sampler platter. Everything was hot and perfectly seasoned.

3) Ria's Bluebird - This is a cute, small, cafe that allows you to feel like your in the middle of a tropical island. The waterfalls, tile design and outside place settings allows you to enjoy your breakfast or lunch in style. The food was amazing and came all dressed up. Looking fabulous.

4) DAS BBQ - Good home cooked food. Here you buy then seat yourself to eat. The atmosphere is truly amazing. Great drinks and don't forget to do the bean bag toss. They do serve alcoholic beverages.

5) Jinya Ramen Bar - This Japanese Ramen bar is dressed up like an expensive restaurant, but is very affordable. The ramen is prepared perfectly and the chicken curry & rice I had were amazing. Get it to go or dine in. Either way this is a must try place for your ramen or pho experience.

6) Sweet Stack Creamery - As an ice cream lover - I had to try this place. The hot donut with the cold ice cream left me in heaven. Create a magical dessert all your own. You can pick your ice cream, toppings, cup, cone, or donut.

7) Krab Queenz - There is always a line here because they don't take reservations, but the food is worth it. Get plenty of crab legs, shrimp and potatoes. The drinks were off the chain and the food was seasoned great. Get drinks with candy, whip cream and cotton candy on top. Explore your true self eating this food.

8) JR Crickets - I have never had honey lemon pepper wings before, but I must say.... they left a lasting impression on all of us. The wings were crispy and the sauce was perfect. The margaritas were sweet and flavorful. This place was good. We visited the Lawrenceville Hwy location and the service was great. Some of the best wings I've ever had. We ate so fast we forgot to take photos.

These are just some of the places to travel and eat in ATL. If you have been to any of these places please let us know how your experience was. If not, check out these places, you will enjoy them. Another fabulous meal to share with you wonderful people. Happy Eating.

More photos from our food places:

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