Travel From The Comfort Of Your Home

With everyone working from home, staying home and schooling from home there can be a frustrating and overwhelming feeling to get out and do something. However, to stay safe and healthy you can do a few things at home that can make you feel like you have just taken a trip somewhere else.

1) Backyard Camping- If you're into the outdoors and don't want a virtual view of the mountains and hills and want to actually smell nature create a camping trip in your backyard. Get your tent, blowup beds, fire pit, food and of course smores and head a few feet away. Set up your backyard like you would on any camping trip, minus the bathroom accommodations, and spend the evening with your family telling stories and making great memories.

2) Spa Day- In need of a spa day, turn your living room into a spa. Light candles, play soothing music, pull out the foot spa you haven't used in years and give yourself a pedicure. In need of a massage? Pull out that old massage chair while listening to the soothing music and smelling the scented candles. If that isn't enough, light candles in your bathroom, play the soothing music and take a steamy shower while you relax your mind and feel enchanted.

3) Cooking Class- Take a cooking class online, watch from your kitchen as you prepare a home cooked meal for yourself or family. Pretend you are in a French cooking class learning all grandma's secrets. Nonna Nerina is offering virtual cooking classes from Italy. You select a date, checkout and start learning. There are other classes as well.

4) Cocktail Dinner- Set up your kitchen like a small restaurant, putting a nice table cloth on the table, candles, and eating utensils. Create multiple drinks, you can have apple cider for kids, include fruit, and mint leaves for fancy drinks. Make small appetizers for cocktail hour. Make a simple yet elegant dinner or order out. Get dressed up in your cocktail attire, little black dress for most women and slacks and button up shirt for men, and create a cocktail dinner party for your family at home.

5) Explore Attractions and Parks- Bring the outdoors inside by exploring parks and attractions such as, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore. These attractions allow you to visualize them for free and you won't have to stand in line to do it. Google other virtual tour options.

Let me know if you like these stay at home ideas and if you have some of your own share how you are making things work for your family during this COVID-19 stay at home time.

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