Traveling Within The USA Here Are 19 Covid Restrictions To Be Aware Of.

As things are slowly opening back up within the USA there are still restrictions to be aware of that could keep you safe. Some states have less restrictions than others. Here are things to consider when making travel plans:

1) In Alabama anyone over 6 years old has to wear a mask and the gyms, bars, and restaurants have reopened allowing only 50% capacity.

2) Alaska has stated that non-residents must have a negative covid test taken within 72 hours of entering their state.

3) Arizona reopened pools, spas, gyms and restaurants. You must wear a face mask and maintain 6 ft distance. Retailers are opened but no fitting rooms can be used.

4) Arkansas allowed dine-in seating in restaurants and at bars to increase to up to 66 percent of total capacity in June.

5) California requires mask at all times except when eating and drinking

6) Colorado opened gyms at 25% and restaurants at 50%

7) Connecticut is allowing amusement parks to reopen with 25 percent capacity, restaurants to open indoor dining at 50 percent capacity, and outdoor events to take place with social distancing in mind.

8) Delaware is allowing gatherings of up to 250 people, and allowing restaurants to open with 60 percent capacity restrictions. Malls, community pools, and hotels have also been able to operate with 60 percent capacity.

9) Florida reopened its beaches across the state with restrictions on group size and requiring face masks.

10) Atlanta mandated the use of masks in the city for anyone over 10 years old.

11) Hawaii is open for travel with a mandatory 2-week quarantine rule implemented for all travelers. As of Oct. 1 the island will allow travelers to bypass their 14-day quarantine rule if they can show proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken prior to arrival. The initiative to bypass quarantine has been delayed several times.

12) Idaho has a 6 ft distance rule, waterparks, movies and outdoor pools have been reopened.

13) Illinois is allowing indoor dining and drinking at restaurants and bars for groups of up to 10 people and museums to open with 25 percent capacity.

14) Indiana is allowing retail stores to open without capacity restrictions, restaurants to open with 75 percent capacity, bars to operate at 50 percent capacity, and gatherings of up to 250 people allowed.

15) Iowa has opened all gyms, movie theaters, salons, and malls with a 6 ft distance restriction

16) Kansas requires visitors to quarantine for 14 days

17) Kentucky is requesting any visitors with a positive Covid to quarantine for 14 days and anyone over 5 years old must wear a mask.

18) Louisiana is allowing restaurants, malls, gyms, movie theaters, salons, and more to reopen with 50 percent capacity.

19) Maine is requiring employees to wear mask. Salons and gyms are reopened. They have also reopened places like movie theaters.

So before heading out to another state make sure you are aware of their requirements. This isn't all 50 states or other countries so be sure to know before you go. If testing is required schedule an appointment two days before you leave. It's better to be safe than sorry.

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