Unravel Your Purpose

When you think of the word Purpose, what do you think? The definition of purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Do you know what your purpose is? Have you taken time to think about why you work where you work, know who you know, or even how you can and will help others or leave a legacy? Most people's purpose is thrown at them or created by someone else. Unravel your purpose and create the life you were put here to do. Ask yourself these questions to figure out if your purpose has been revealed to you.

1) Are you in a career path that is easy to you?

2) Do you love your current career?

3) Is what you do easy?

4) Do you wake up happy in the morning and eager to head to work?

5) What comes easy to you, but you think it won't make money?

6) Are you doing your current job because you felt you had to due to someone else's dreams?

7) When you dream about the perfect career - what do you dream of?

8) Write down three careers you would love to do if money, education or time wasn't an issue? Then write down two reasons under each for why you aren't doing it. Look at those careers and if they aren't the one you're in evaluate the career path you're in.

9) What do you do without any effort?

10) Picture your perfect day. Does it include your current career?

When you answer these questions, you should see a pattern of what you want to do verses what you are currently doing. If you aren't happy doing your current job, then it isn't your purpose. People who follow their purpose are happy, eager to learn more about their career, it comes easy to them and people notice you for doing something you feel is simplistic. We don't have all the answers and sometimes we try a few things before we actually do what we were meant to do, however; millions of people are only doing what they do for a paycheck. They aren't living their best life or purpose for life.

Don't let anyone tell you that your purpose is crazy or unfulfilling because they can't determine your purpose. I've seen doctors turn into teachers because it was their passion. Police officers aren't putting their lives on the line everyday just for a paycheck. Most of them want to help people or make a difference. What works for you may be unconventional, but it's what works for you.

Find your own path to knowledge. Create your own legacy and follow your dreams. When you unravel your purpose everything else will fall into place. Grow, live, and change the world. Keep growing and inspiring.

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