What To Consider When Making Money With Your Skillset

If you read my last blog post you understand that having a skill that others are willing to pay for can help you eliminate that 9-5 job and create the income you need to focus fully on your life's purpose and skillset.

If you want to be able to work independently and not have to worry about "steady" income then you have to put your time and energy into launching your own money making system. To do this you must answer these questions.

-How much time you have to create your money making informational course, video, etc?

* You must be able to put in at least 20 hours a week to gain followers, trust from peers, extended knowledge and time to create the way you will make money.

-How will you advertise it to clients?

*If you have social media that is a start, if not you will need to create at least a Facebook and Instagram page. In order to advertise to clients people need to see what you are doing and want to learn more.

-What specific skill will you focus on?

*The skill you focus on is the one everyone comes to you asking about. For example, if everyone ask you about how to build a motorcycle that is what you spend time creating a course, video or information on.

-How much will you charge?

*Depending on what information you create will depend on how much you charge. I have seen people charge anywhere from $29.99 for a downloadable PDF to an $899 course on creating your own mastermind class that will sell.

-Where do you even begin?

*The first step to beginning is determining if you will be devoted to doing this and what angle you will approach. So if you make things starting a youtube channel may be the way to go, then start selling your products on Amazon, Offerup or Ebay. If you do event planning, like I do as well, then you may want to create a website that has tips and a blog that describes how to do things. Once you build up an audience and people start asking you how you do things you can start selling them your knowledge. Now instead of just a free Youtube video, you're creating a video with some steps and directing them to your step by step do it yourself course that is only $$$$, a few dollars.

At the end of the day you will determine how much you make by what you produce. I have provided so much information for free and created a mindset that I should give my "side" businesses my full attention that after 6 years of working for a company I decided it was time to spend those 45-50 hours a week on my personal growth. This doesn't happen over night and it takes time and some money to create your money making system, but I promise in end you will be happier, healthier and successful.

If you have any questions about your skillset and this post feel free to leave a comment below.

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