Why Relationships Are Important

Love and relationships has been the talk of magazines, TV shows, and therapy for years. People want to feel a certain way or find that true love they have always been looking for. They want those pals or besties they see on television that embrace their lives and make them feel great. So why are relationships so important in our lives?

Love is one of the most intense feelings known to humans. Although love can be seen many ways, such as, parental love, intimate love, and/or bonding love it seems it is the key to relationships.

Relationships provide a deep fulfillment of energy and creates a meaningful aspect of life. Everyone wants to have someone to depend on, care for them and feel connected to. The need for human connection is a form of healthy living.

The purpose of this blog is to know that although love and relationships can be found in a male/female intimate relationship, there are other ways to find love. You can have a best friend that you care dearly about and they provide you with the love and support you need. You may be a parent that seeks or finds that love from your child and/or give it to your parents.

Love & relationships although most thought about as a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband and wife scenario can also be fulfilled by family members and friends. Don't think because you haven't found that someone "special" in your intimate relationship you are missing out on the relationship part of your life. All human connection is innate and allows you to grow and develop.

In this time of self care, self help and staying home to be safe, learn how you are with your current relationships and invest in the growth of those around you.

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